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$15 Dollars An Hour Fast Food Worker- Meet Your Replacement

Video Screen Shot Of “Flippy” (NBC News)

A California burger joint has found the perfect solution to the Democratic Party-pushed agenda of increasing the minimum wage for entry level positions.

As the saying goes, “The path to hell is paved with good intentions,” and nowhere is there a better example of this than when the Left gets their way.

Flippy,” is the latest robotic addition in the growing number of automated fast food workers, taking the place of those who are demanding that they be paid a “fair living wage” for working at entry-level positions.

Flippy has made its debut in Pasadena, California at a fast food franchise called CaliBurger.

Flippy is a worker that does not need smoke breaks because Flippy does not smoke.

Flippy is a worker that will not call in sick because Flippy does not get sick.

Flippy can be as accurate as he/she is programmed. We have to be careful about assuming Flippy’s gender because, after all, this is California we are speaking about. We wouldn’t want to be accused of causing any acts of violence against Flippy for assigning it a gender.

Flippy will not participate in a Day Without Illegals to demonstrate how those, who are not supposed to be in the country in the first place, are vital to the structure and function of the United States.

Flippy does not need to be told to get of the cell phone because there is work to be done because Flippy is a single-minded worker whose only function is to season and cook sizzling hot burger patties for the customers.

In short, Flippy is the model employee that any owner or franchise operator would love to hire. Until now, the argument has been difficult to make to employee automated workers. After all, Flippy comes with a whopping price tag of $60,000.

However, the Left has been aggressively pushing for a minimum wage of $15 per hour for entry level positions, and has been finding success in some states. Let’s break down the numbers to see how this would play out:

At forty hours per week, 52 weeks per year, a human burger flipper making $15 per hour would have an annual salary of approximately $31,200.

What that means is, presuming that Flippy can keep up with the demands of the restaurant’s every day work load and that there is not a high cost of maintaining Flippy, the robotic burger-flipping arm will have paid for itself in just two years.

As we said in the beginning, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The Left, who are experts on Socialism and Communism, rarely demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of the Free Market. When you make the cost of labor more expensive, employees are going to find their hours reduced, their workloads increased, or their jobs entirely lost to automated robots. Employers are going to always be looking to make their companies more cost efficient. It’s just common sense.

Some restaurants have already implemented customer-operated kiosks that replace the front counter help. It’s just a matter of time before it makes more economical sense to replace the majority of any restaurant’s staff with robots. Those who are sent to the unemployment can then thank the Democrats for their minimum wage-raising efforts that may have contributed to them losing their jobs.

To see an actual video demonstration of Flippy at work, as where as a more in-depth look at how it functions, check out the video below:

Source: NBC News, USA Today


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