83 year old Home Depot employee has died after being tossed to the ground by a shoplifter…

The last few years we have seen more and more brazen and sophisticated shoplifting from criminals. Sometimes in California we are seeing coordinated gangs.

Many on the right see this as a consequence of district attorney’s that are soft on crimes especially smaller crimes like shoplifting. Arguing that prosecuting these crimes has a negative impact on the lives of the criminals. This approach seems to ignore that not punishing these crimes will embolden criminals that now have less fear of prosecution.

In this case we see a thief shoving an 83 year old Home Depot worker out of the way as he leaves the store. Unfortunately the elderly Home Depot worker died as a result of this after receiving multiple fractures because of the fall.

What do you think the punishment should be for this crime?


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  1. Now a man who loved his job and tried to prevent a crime, is now dead and who is to blame. At 83 years old, this man saought to protect HomeDepot from a criminal activity is no longer with us. His family isdvestated, while the criminal goes free. This is not the America people know and love. When someone tries to do the right thing, he ends up dead. This sort of criminal activity is now accepted throughtout the United States do to cashless bail. Who is being protected in this country, certainly not hard working citizens, but the criminal element that is rampant. Time to take our country back put these people on notice. No one is safe on any street without protection, unfortunately this man died protecting his place of wor, they owe him everything.

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