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Amy Coney Barrett Melts The Internet When She Holds Up Her “Notes” Before Congress

During her congressional confirmation hearings, a video of Amy Coney Barrett holding up her notes quickly went viral and demonstrated just what an intelligent and capable individual she is.

If you’ve ever watched a little bit of C-SPAN, you might notice that congressional leaders almost always have piles of papers sitting in front of them. Often times, as they speak, you can see them glance down at their notes for reference. Sometimes, you will see them simply reading from their papers.

Despite the Left’s hatred for Amy Coney Barrett, it is undeniable that she is a capable, competent, and successful woman. She is exactly the type of person that the Left would be championing if she were nominated to the Supreme Court by a Democrat. However, because her nomination came from a Republican president, and because the Left subscribes to the theology of “Orange Man Bad,” we are expected to believe that she is incompetent.

Take a look at what happens when a Senator asks Amy Coney Barrett to hold up her notes before the congressional committee:

For the record, should the Supreme Court ever decide to overturn Roe V Wade, the ruling would not outlaw abortions, as the Democrats claim. Nor would it create some dystopian Handmaid’s Tale society. Instead, the ruling would allow each individual state to decide how they wanted to treat the issue.

New York City politicians, for example, can still pat themselves on the back and cheer for passing legislation that would allow for abortions up to and including birth. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam could still support the idea that ‘a conversation could be had’ between the doctor and the mother of a baby who survived a botched abortion.

The Democrats can still kill tens of millions of unborn babies in their ideological strongholds as they pretend the issue is a women’s rights issue rather than an issue over the human rights of the unborn. Repealing Roe V Wade would simply allow the people of Conservative states to put limitations on abortions.


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