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AOC’s Political Future Just Might Be In The Hands Of An 8-Year-Old Girl

The adorable 8-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) impersonator is back, and her new video is just as good as the last one:

In her previous video, the young girl poked fun at AOC’s lack of understanding of basic political theories about socialism as well as lampooning the New York congresswoman’s war on cow farts and claims that the world is going to be ending, yet again, in just twelve years.

The latest video continues to mock AOC’s intelligence, but also uses exaggeration to mock some of the critical responses to her original video.

While all of this is lighthearted, and the girl seems to enjoy making these videos, it’s important to understand the possible impact that these could have on the political future of the Millennial congresswoman from New York.

This little girl could possibly be the biggest bludgeon to AOC’s chances of re-election.

Where does this idea come from?

Think back to the election of 2008 between John McCain and Barack Obama. McCain had a woman who was considered a Conservative powerhouse running at his side for the vice president slot. Sarah Palin was smart, successful, and serving as a very popular governor of Alaska.

During that 2008 campaign, Saturday Night Live comedian Tina Fey did impressions of Sarah Palin that destroyed her chances of ever being taken seriously again.

Thanks to Tina Fey, many Americans still believe the phrase, “I can see Russia from my house,” was said by Palin rather than the comedian.

Here is just one of the cold opens that aired during that period:

The impressions were so well done, and the ditsyness was exaggerated to such a degree, that Sarah Palin never held public office again. She went on to give pundit interviews here and there and starred in a reality television show, but the American people, as a whole, had dismissed her as some sort of bimbo.

As we said before, humor is deadly to a politician who wants to be taken seriously. The Left has been trying the same tactic against Donald Trump since the day he announced he would be running for president. The only saving grace for President Trump is that most of the “jokes” the Left aims at him are not really jokes. They are more along the lines of partisan attacks. They come off as mean-spirited and cruel. Ironically, the Left’s constant attempts to mock Trump have only turned the president into a sort of underdog. America will usually root for the underdog.

The 8-year-old AOC impersonator, however, IS using humor in her material. The videos she has put up so far ARE funny and they DO exaggerate the ditsy nature of AOC.

It’s quite possible, depending on the reach of these videos, that an 8-year-old girl could be enough to destroy the political ambitions of AOC, the “fresh face” of the Democratic Party.

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