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AOC’s Uses Capitalism To Enrich Herself As She Promotes Socialism

The Democrat Party Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, has enacted a get-rich quick scheme that anyone looking for that special gift for someone special in their life should take note of.

The “Fresh Face” of the party is absolutely, completely, and unequivocally not a socialist. She is actually a democratic socialist, which translates to a socialist who is elected through the democratic process. Just as the United States is a democratic Republic, meaning the Republic’s representatives are elected through the democratic process.

When she is not killing 25,000 jobs in her district, promoting a Green New Deal which calls for the elimination of fossil fuels, sending out snarky Tweets, and being terrified of common household appliances, AOC is selling overpriced clothes promoting socialist-promoting messages such as “Tax The Rich,” lawlessness-promoting messages such as “Abolish ICE,” and virtue-signaling messages such as, “Drink water and don’t be racist.”

Don’t worry, you can get her anti-rich hoodie for the low, low price of only $58 (plus a shipping fee). The site also allows you to make additional donations to the anti-greed congresswoman at checkout, just in case you feel like you have too much money and you want to donate some of that money to the former bar slinger who was one of a few hundred who are put in charge of the purse strings of a multi-trillion dollar budget.


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