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Attn Mexico: It’s None Of Your Business How The US Runs Itself

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has weighed in on the issue of mass shootings in the United States by calling for stricter gun legislation to be passed.

During a press conference, the Mexican president said,

“We are very respectful of what other governments decide but we think that these lamentable events that occurred in the United States should lead to reflection, analysis and the decision to control the indiscriminate sale of arms.”

López Obrador’s comments came shortly after the El Paso shooting at a Walmart that claimed the lives of 22 innocents with 7 of the victims being Mexican nationals.

His comments echo the sentiments of the Democratic Party, the Mainstream Media, and anti-Second Amendment advocates alike.

What’s interesting about all of this is that, according to Reuters, Mexico opened 33,341 murder probes during 2018. This number is a 33% increase to the previous record of 25,036 that was set in 2017.

Although a major contributing factor to the increased murder rate in Mexico is believed to be from the infighting among drug cartels and gang members, it can’t help but be observed that President López Obrador should probably focus more on protecting the lives of the citizens within the region that he governs before lecturing the ways in which a foreign power governs itself.

Gun control legislation in America cannot work because there are already laws on the books that prohibit the actions that these mass shooters are taking.

Adding more laws will only restrict and, dare we say it, INFRINGE on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

In addition, the UK has already instituted the gun bans that the Leftists of America are seeking, and they are now contending with mass knife attacks.

The bottom line is that people seeking to kill a large number of people are going to find a way to do so and disarming their potential victims is not the solution.


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