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Ben Shapiro DEBUNKS Viral Video About Systemic Racism

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro provided a detailed takedown of a viral video called “Systemic Racism Explained.”

For those of you who are parents with young children, this is the type of thing that you need to be aware of. The Left is purposefully making videos aimed at kids. AOC, for example, released her coloring book video at a time when she was pushing for her Left-Wing Green New Deal that was so fringe that even the sponsors of the bill refused to vote for it.

The video “Systemic Racism Explained” uses simply drawn cartoons and a soft-spoken narrator to walk the viewer through the idea of systemic racism. The video uses overly simplified explanations of complex subjects to explain how there is a system of racism in the United States.

Ben Shapiro debunks the video below:

The reason why this is an important watch is because your children may come across this online or they might even be shown this video in school. Without context, it’s very easy for the Left to indoctrinate the youth into hating America and buying into the notion that you are either racist or not based on your skin color.

Share this with your friends with small children.

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