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Bette Midler Turns Xenophobic Against First Lady: “She Still Can’t Speak English!”

Bette Midler goes full-blown racist as she mocks First Lady Melania Trump’s accent during a speech given at the Republican National Convention.

Taking to Twitter, Midler offered commentary on Melania’s speech that was nothing short of xenophobic and extremely racist:

“She can speak several words in a few languages. Get that illegal alien off the stage!”

When that xenophobia wasn’t enough to satisfy Midler’s appetite, she went on to criticize Melania’s accent:

“Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.” 

Nothing says class like finding an intelligent woman who can speak six different languages and making fun of her because she has an accent. It’s good to learn how tolerant the Leftists of Hollywood actually are when it comes to foreigners who become American citizens.

But Midler STILL wasn’t finished as there was apparently no low that she was unwilling to go. She added:

“I’m surprised Trump wants to destroy the #PostOffice. He got all his wives from it.” 

The obvious insinuation, because Melania grew up in the Yugoslav republic of Slovenia, is that she must be some sort of mail-order-bride.

It’s incredible how much pent-up hatred resides in the Left of this country. We are not talking about simply disliking or disagreeing with someone, the hatred that Leftists proudly display on social media might actually border along the lines of a psychosis.

When we look back at 20th century history and see some elements of the German people actually praising the Nazis and celebrating the elimination of Jews, we sometimes ask ourselves, “How could anyone have supported that regime of hatred and intolerance? How could anyone even function with that much hatred in their heart?”

It’s sad to say that the Left in the United States seems to be  exhibiting very similar traits and mindsets of those in the past. It’s now, seemingly, okay to dislike someone for being different as long as they disagree with your politics. It’s okay, according to the Left, to threaten the president or his supporters because they disagree with how to run the country.

Civil discourse is quickly going back to the days when slave-owning Democrats were caning, almost to death, Republicans who criticized slavery in the Halls of Congress.

Yet Bette Midler is not alone in her hatred. There are a slew of celebrities, politicians, media personalities, and even playwrights who have expressed their hatred and even hoped for violence and death against those who are among the Trump administration and its supporters.

The ironic thing is that Bette Midler may not realize just how many Trump supporters used to be in her fan base.

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