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College SJW Calls For The Abolishment Of Science

This one is a couple years old, but it’s a fantastic representation of the type of feelings-over-critical-thinking movement that has taken over the modern Left.


This “anti-science” conference took place at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and features a panel of Millennial students who are discussing science as a “white construct.”

To be clear, science is, according to the definition,

“The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

In other words, science is the study of the world around us through observations and experimentation.

We use the scientific method to perform this study, and as a means of giving us results that are not tainted by our bias.

For example, if the pro-Global Warming crowd were more concerned with science over promoting an agenda, they might realize that a consensus (which is nothing more than the end result of a survey) is not a part of the scientific method. However, let’s not get side-tracked.

At this conference, dedicated to the fall of science, one panel member said that science was too “Eurocentric” and that it need to be “scratched off” and started anew. To drive her point home, she provided anecdotal evidence that there are people in Umhlab’uyalingana (a region in South Africa) who believe that they have the power to summon lightning bolts to strike individuals.

Her point was that this was one way to explain lightning, and that it should have just as much validity as anything that the scientific process could come up with.

The scary part about this comment is not that there is someone who believes that people can summon lightning out of a clear blue sky to strike their enemies, but the reaction from the group.

A man, off-camera, points out the preposterous of the panel member’s statement and is quickly silenced by a second member of the panel.

The second member stands and tells the man that he must, first, apologize to the panel for “disrespecting” their safe-space and creating a space that is “antagonistic.”

He quickly apologizes, offering an, “I’m sorry,” but the woman tells him that he must apologize twice more before his apology seems to be acceptable. She tells him that all opinions are allowed in this safe-space, and that he must respect that

She then tells him that, after he apologizes, he must agree to the rules that are provided by the safe space.

This gets to the very heart of the Social Justice Warrior movement. The facts are no longer relevant, and feelings and emotions are more important than anything. If somebody tells you that the sky is plaid with red poka-dots, you must not disagree with them, and you must respect their opinions!

Though this conference took place on another continent, this is the type of stuff that is happening here in America. This is possibly why Communism and Socialism is growing in popularity in the minds of young Millennials.

They are espousing the idea that absolute government control is good and are silencing those who disagree and refusing to allow opposing opinions to be heard.

Watch the video below, and share this with someone who you think needs to see this.

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