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Sketch-Comedy Show Lampoons SJW Therapy

If you’ve ever felt concerned about the state of comedy in America, don’t be. You are not alone.

Thanks to the Internet, however, America does not have to be subjected to unfunny and one-sided commentary posing as jokes.

From day-time talk shows to late-night comedy shows the idea of comedy has been replaced with a group-think mentality that comedy is supposed to be agenda driven to defeat political opponents.

President Donald Trump has received the brunt of these attacks, but through him, these “comedians” and talk show hosts have insulted the half of the country that supports him as well.

These jokes consist of accusations of racism for questioning the ethics of a Senator who claimed minority status in an effort to gain an advantage over her Caucasian peers as well as calling those who want to secure the border white-supremacists.

Their monologues have become long-winded diatribes against the constitutionally protected right for the American people to defend themselves.

Their “funny lines” consist of accusing a sitting president of hiring prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed in Moscow after reading comments from the tell-all book from disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.

Their comedy skits have been one-sided attacks against those who the Democrat Party targets for destruction. The most obvious of these was the SNL skit that parodied the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Matt Damon played a sniffing, enraged, alcoholic, privileged white guy who “doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘stop.'” This was funny to them. In reality, there was a lot more comedic material on the part of the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. Ford showed up to court with dirty glasses, an expression of terror, and a croaky voice with an uptick to make her sound like a little girl. It would have been comedy gold to have SNL play with the idea that she was pretending to be much younger than she is. After all, she doesn’t know where the supposed assault happened, who was there, how she got home, how many people were in the room, or even what year it happened. The witnesses she provided, including one of her best friends, either said her version of events did not happen or claimed they did not remember them happening.

It’s no wonder that the ratings for these shows continue to dwindle.

And this is not a matter of those on the political Right being “triggered.” Far from it. The problem occurs in the one-sided nature of mainstream comedy. For eight years, it was a rare occurrence for Barack Obama to be the butt of a joke.

So much so that at least one person lost his job when he dared mock the great Barack Obama. Jameson Hsieh was a rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask to his performance. The condemnation was swift and severe. Hsieh was barred from performing at the Missouri State Fair for the rest of his life.

It’s not that those on the political Right can’t take a joke. It’s merely that they would like to not be the butt of every joke all of the time. Mix it up a little bit and stop making every joke an effort to score political points for your side. Bring the funny back to comedy.

We The Internet (WTI) is attempting to do just that. WTI is one of several comedy news channels that are currently out there that target everyone. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, WTI has something for you.

Even better, their stuff is pretty funny!

Check out one of our favorites below that targets Social Justice Warrior therapy:


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