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Dan Rather Sums Up The Problem With Today’s Journalists

Former CBS journalist Dan Rather appeared on CNN to speak with Don Lemon about the mass shootings that have been plaguing the United States as well as the reaction from President Trump.

Within days of the attack, it was learned that alleged El Paso shooter, Patrick Wood Crusius, was a white supremacist who appears to have been influenced by the Christchurch shooting in March of 2019. Crusius’ manifesto was laced with racist rhetoric as well as concerns over a “Hispanic invasion.”

President Trump gave a speech in which he condemned, specifically, white supremacy:

“In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. These sinister ideologies must be defeated.”

That statement could not be any more clear that the president condemned white supremacy ideology.

Yet the Drive By Media is not interested in reporting the facts. They have a view of the world and they will shape the facts to fit that view.

Take Dan Rather, for example. The disgraced journalist spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon to explain that the media needs to psychoanalyze the president rather than report on what he says.

The segment began with Lemon reading one of Rather’s Tweets:

Rather went on to explain his position by claiming that the media needs to be adding “context” to the president’s actions, insinuating that, despite Donald Trump condemning white supremacy and racism, he was secretly a racist.

This entire discussion between Rather and Lemon is exactly what is wrong with today’s media.

It’s a journalist’s job to report on events that the general public are not there to witness. You could think of them as the town’s gossip.

The difference is that, where a town’s gossip might just repeat things that are true or false based on rumors and second or third-hand knowledge, a journalist is supposed to vet information that they receive. They are supposed to ensure that the news that they report is accurate.

That’s not what many American journalists do anymore. To a majority of journalists, there is this notion that President Trump is racist. He is a white supremacist. He is the epithamy of evil.

Where is all the evidence to substantiate these claims? It doesn’t matter because that’s the narrative they’ve decided to run with.

So, when President Trump condemns white supremacy and racism by name, the media does not believe his words. They think he is lying. They accuse him of just reading a prepared speech that someone else wrote for him.

Today’s journalists are not really journalists. They are political activists and gossips. They are not reporting on events from a factual basis, but through a lens that has been altered by ideology.

Dan Rather sums this idea up perfectly when he explains that the media should not be simply reporting on what the president says, but “add context” to his words.

You can watch the segment below:

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