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Why The Democratic Party Is The World’s Most Successful Hate Group


While the democrats have spent a lot of time talking about bringing people together over the last 8 years they have done the opposite. The democrats have engaged in identity politics and almost exclusively talk about what divides us instead of what unites our country. The difficulty of this strategy is that it never ends well.

The problem the democrats have with focusing on what unites us is they think all the core aspects of America are evil. And while, like most countries, there are dark periods in America’s past there are also bright spots. And if Americans could be proud of their country it would allow for a common trait and belief that could be shared across race, gender, sexual orientation and belief. But by only focusing on what divides us it will be difficult for our country to be united. And furthermore by yelling “racism” anytime an opinion is different closes down discussion and the chance to understand each other is greatly decreased.

Source : thefederalistpapers

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