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Democrats Support A Woman Being Added To The Supreme Court… Unless She Is Selected By Trump

The Daily Wire News Foundation took to the streets to ask those protesting the confirmation of Amy Coney Barret to the Supreme Court a simple question:

“Isn’t it great that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is being replaced by a woman?” 

Surely, the party that prioritizes a person’s race, gender, and sexual orientation above any content of character or experience would support another woman being added to the most powerful court in the land.

However, as expected, these protesters support a woman being nominated… just not this one. Their reasons are clearly lacking as they grasp for anything to say as to why they are spending their days marching with signs.

One man actually explains that ACB should not be nominated because RGB’s last dying wish was that President Trump not nominate her replacement. To be fair, we’ve scoured the Constitution and found no evidence of the “Dying Wish Clause” that this gentleman might be referring to.

Check out the interviews below:


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