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Democrats On The Verge Of Their Fundamental Transformation Of The United States

Despite President Trump’s success record of pushing back against the Progressive agenda from his political opponents as well as RINOs within his own party, the United States could be about to change forever.

Sometimes, especially during the era of Donald Trump, it might seem like the Democrats are simply the party of “NO.” That they are simply taking the opposite position of whatever the president takes.

If Trump takes the position that illegal immigration is a problem, for example, the Democrats become champions for illegal immigration. They begin to support sanctuary cities and fiercely fight against securing the southern border or deporting illegal aliens within the country who have committed serious crimes while living here. In some cases, prominent Democrats have called for the abolishment of ICE entirely.

The Democrats are bold in proclaiming their pro-illegal immigration position, despite the fact that these same politicians were making the case to crack down on illegal immigration a mere 10-20 years ago.

This is why it’s easy to dismiss the Democrats as simply being anti-Trump.

However, consider the following multifaceted attack on the basic institutions and laws regarding the transfer of power within the country and what they all mean when put together. You will see an emerging strategy that could alter the power structure of the nation permanently.

Illegal immigration.

May Day Protest- Wiki Commons

As stated above, the Democrats have established themselves as the champions of illegal immigrants. They have made it clear that securing the southern border or enforcing immigration law is not only a non-priority, but something to fight against. Their obstruction of Kate’s Law, their public warnings of future ICE raids, their featuring of illegal immigrants on stage at their national convention, and their push for open borders is concerning.

But what does this mean for the country and the voting base? By law, illegal immigrants cannot legally vote in American elections. Their non-citizenship status precludes them (in theory) from participating in the election process in that way. They can and do, however, participate in other ways. Multiple Democrat Party campaigns have hired illegal aliens to canvas neighborhoods to get out the vote. They have become crucial members of certain Leftist politician campaigns.

Beyond this, remember that the United States takes a census of its population every 10 years. Hang on to this fact because it’s going to be important a little bit later in this piece.

Felon Voting: 

Police Line- Wiki Commons

This is a small point of fact in the Democrat agenda, but it’s still important. In many states, when a citizen commits a serious crime, a felony, they lose their voting privileges. The idea is that felons have violated the social construct in a serious manner, demonstrated that they have poor judgement, and a consequence of their actions is a restriction placed on them from future elections.

The Democrats have pushed hard to restore full voting rights to felons and it’s no surprise. Felons typically, when they do vote, overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

The Voting Age

Teenagers- Wiki Commons

This is a fairly recent push, but Democrats are currently attempting to pass measures that would lower the voting age to 16. Don’t worry that 16-year-olds have no experience with self-reliance or that their brains won’t be fully developed for another 10 years. The same kids who are snorting condoms and eating Tide Pods should apparently listened to.

The Left has made efforts in the past to convince children that they are smarter than their elders and that the wisdom of the past should not be heeded. Former vice president Al Gore is a prime example of this indoctrination.

As a direct consequence, this will add a demographic of malleable minds who are in their rebellious stage of life. These children are fighting against the constraints placed on them by their parents and are seeking to establish their importance in the world.

The Democrats are more than willing to boost the ego of these children by giving them the sacred task of electing representatives of the Democratic Republic.

Hang on to this one, because like illegal immigration, it comes in to play for another reason later on.

The Abolishment of the Electoral College

This is the big one, and this is going to be the end of the United States, as we know it, if the Democrats manage to succeed. The nation will literally become a mob rule- the very thing the Founding Fathers warned of.

The idea proposed is to get rid of the Electoral College completely and instead move towards a national election. In doing so, Democrat Party candidates can rely solely on winning the support of places like New York City, Chicago, California, and a few other heavily populated areas to completely sweep the presidency.

Until they can completely abolish the Electoral College, Democrats are pushing for measures that would allow them to circumvent the system.

Some states, Colorado being the latest, have signed on to proposals that would award their entire Electoral College support to whichever candidate wins the popular vote. In other words, these states would ignore the will of the inhabitants of their jurisdiction and would instead support whoever gets more votes across the board. In theory, if 100% of the Colorado voting base supports Trump, but Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote, the entire Electoral College support of Colorado would go to Hillary Clinton. This initiative would have handed the presidency to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Al Gore in 2000.

This is very concerning and a lack of a decent civics education makes this even more alarming. Most Americans likely do not know why the Founding Fathers were vehemently against a system of mob rule and why these wise men set up the Electoral College in the first place.

The Census

This is a matter that is not talked about as much as the others, but the census has consequences. Based on the populations, each state is awarded more or less representatives in the House of Representatives as well as Electoral College votes. Even if illegal immigrants cannot legally participate in American elections, the Democrats efforts to bar the citizenship question from the census has ensured that these non-citizens can have an impact on the number of representatives awarded to heavily Democratic jurisdictions.

Couple this with lowering the voting age to 16 and these jurisdictions gain even more representative power.

The Courts

Supreme Court- Wiki Commons

Finally, we come to the Supreme Court. Donald Trump picked two Supreme Court nominations during his term and he might be able picking a third by the end of his presidency.

This is unacceptable to the Left. For the Progressives, the Supreme Court is not there to rule on cases based on the law, they are there to aid political parties with implementing their agendas. The court system, according to the Left, is simply an extension of the political party to be fought over. Putting people on the court who are unbiased constitutionalists goes against this idea.

This is why some Democrats are suggesting that they start packing the Supreme Court the next time they are in power.

The idea is to increase the number of members from 9 to however members needed to cancel out the opinions of the constitutionalists of the court. Pack the court with activists and radicals and Trump’s picks would be irrelevant.


As suggested before, the Democrats seem to be all over the place when it comes to policy with a general theme of fighting against anything President Trump is for. However, when you look at the battles that they are fighting as a collective, you can see that they are attempting to establish a pathway to permanent power.

Counting EVERYONE in the census, giving voting rights to children as well as felons, making the Electoral College irrelevant, and packing the Supreme Court are some of the main efforts in which the Democrats may just fundamentally change the United States forever.

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