Donald Trump Jr: “This Is Communist Level Sh*t”

Donald Trump Jr had strong words to say after the news broke that President Donald Trump was officially indicted.

“This is Communist level sh*t!”

Indeed, the route that the United States is traveling is a very dark route and there is a good chance that historians will look back at the corrupt folks at the top and wonder how the American people allowed them to gain and hold power.
There has been instance after instance of the federal government weaponizing itself against the American people and more specifically against their political enemies.

During the Obama years, we had the IRS targeting Conservative non-profits and the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI spying on the Trump Campaign after obtaining FISA warrants.

During the Trump years, we had the FBI and other intelligence agencies using a piece of fake opposition research that was conjured up by a foreign spy to suggest that Donald Trump was an agent of Russia. It was also during these years that we saw multiple supporters of Donald Trump being raided, early in the morning, by heavily armed FBI SWAT teams. It would seem that raids are a popular tactic that the FBI employs when it comes to enemies of the Democrats.

Then you had the news of the FBI raiding Donald Trump’s personal residence on the basis that he had classified documents being stored there. The lawyers and staff were ordered to step outside and the FBI refused to produce a search warrant when asked as they poked and prodded their way through President Trump’s belongings.

Compare that with how the FBI handled the realization that Joe Biden had classified documents scattered all over the place. From his former office to the garage that his crack-head son had access to, classified documents seemed to be popping up everywhere. Yet the FBI couldn’t be bothered to raid the Biden compound.

What made the United States the greatest country on Earth, at one point, was the faith that the People could put in the law being equally applied to everyone. It used to not matter whether or not you had an “R” or a “D” after your name. It used to not matter who you supported in the last election or which campaigns you donated to. It really used to not matter whether you are a Christian or not.

All of that seems to have changed since the “Progressives” infiltrated the government. Donald Trump was an outsider who went to Washington to try to clean up the swamp, and the swamp is making it absolutely clear what happens to people like that.

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