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[FACT CHECK] Was Joe Biden Reading From A Teleprompter During An Interview On Telemundo

Joe Biden made an appearance on Telemundo and social media was quick to accuse the presidential candidate of reading his answers from a teleprompter.

VERDICT: FALSE- Joe Biden was not reading from a teleprompter to answer the questions posed.

It is important, especially as we are so close to the election, that we do not engage in fake news and we set the record straight. There is enough to criticize Joe Biden over without having to make things up.

The video spreading around social media shows carefully edited clip features Joe Biden looking to his left as he is answering a question about deportation. The anchor, José Díaz-Balart, then says something to Biden and he quickly looks back at the host.

Later on, Biden is making another statement when he says something along the lines of “We lost that one.” The anchor then tells the former Vice President, “That’s okay. We can just talk, you and I.” From that edited version, it looks like Biden is reading lines to his Left, it is suggested that he loses his place in the script, and the anchor brings his attention back to him as he tells Joe that they can just talk.

Given Biden’s repeated gaffes and apparent declining cognitive abilities, there were those on the Right who were quick to believe that Biden was reading his answers from a script. A zoomed out photo of the set even showed that there was a television screen on Biden’s left.

To begin with, we would bring you to Pat Gray’s analysis from the Blaze TV.

Funny stuff, right?

The truth of the matter is that Biden was not reading from a script. The television was there so that the former vice president could answer questions from people who appeared on the screen. He was looking towards the screen as he was talking because he was talking to the people on the screen.

When Biden says, “We lost that one,” he is presumably referring to the fact that the person asking the question was no longer on the video feed. It’s why the anchor then says, “That’s okay. We can just talk, you and I.”

You can check out the full interview below:

Though the Mainstream Media is quick to believe any anti-Trump narrative that comes across their desks, and will provide any number of anonymous sources necessary or carefully edit audio and video to give their stories weight, it is important that those on the Right do not play those games. It is important to ensure that the facts are vetted and verified.

A blunder like this is exactly what Lefitsts will use in order to accuse the Right of making things up to call into question any accusations that Joe Biden might be senile and weak.

This is not meant as an endorsement of Biden, but merely a PSA for any Conservatives out there who are thinking about sharing the above false claims.

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