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Failing Policies? Liberal California Is The Poverty Capital Of America

Skid Row In Downtown Los Angeles. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nine months prior to the election of Donald Trump, Democratic Governor Jerry Brown was at a dinner for labor organizers when he suggested that the state would need to build a wall along its borders to protect itself in case the then-GOP front runner, Donald Trump, were to win. He immediately clarified his statement as nothing but a joke,

“By the way that is a joke. We don’t like walls, we like bridges.” 

While the governor may have been joking, the rest of the nation may need to seriously consider erecting a wall along California’s borders to protect itself from the failing Democratic Party policies that have turned the state into the “poverty capital of America.

According to the official poverty measure of the U.S. Census Bureau, California ranked 17th in terms of the states with the highest poverty rates between the years 2013-2015; when the data was collected. At first glance, this might seem like good news for California, but Politifact has added some context to that number by adjusting for the cost of living in California.

When the study accounts for cost-of-living, including taxes, housing and medical costs, the poverty rate of California surges from 15 percent to 20.6 percent. Thus, California wins the title of “poverty capital of America.”

The news should not be surprising considering the choices that the state has made over the decades.

Rather than tackle welfare reform, as was done in several other states and even on a federal level, California has dug its heels in to the Liberal philosophy of winning the War on Poverty by continuing to throw money at it.

Other states, including Maine and Alabama, have seen a dramatic decrease in their welfare rolls when they instituted a simple change such as requiring able-bodied adults with no dependents to get a job.

California, in contrast, has not only resisted reformations to its welfare programs, it has increased those eligible to included illegal immigrants.

California legislatures, along with the governor, have declared that the state will be a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, and that state officials and law enforcement officers will no longer be allowed to ask a person’s immigration status.

In addition to expanding the welfare rolls, the LA Times suggests other reasons for California earning the highest poverty rate.

Restrictive land regulations, increased housing costs, a ballooning state government bureaucracy, successful local efforts to increase the minimum wage, and a Democratic Party monopoly of the power structure are each a contributing factor that has left so many Californians in poverty and dependent on the goodwill of the government in order to survive.

The only real question is when the voter base of California is going to realize that the Democrats have been running the state into ruin, for decades, or if we should just accept the fact that California is too far gone, and really give some thought to building that wall around the state that Governor Jerry Brown was joking about.

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham provides some staggering details about statistics regarding California’s poor, including the fact that California, alone, contains 25% of America’s homeless population:

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