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Funny Stuff: Selling The Clunker




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This joke was originally intended as a “blonde joke,” but because of the belief system that is so ignorant that it is becoming almost comical, we thought we’d switch it up and dedicate it to America’s dimmest.

After all, Democratic Socialists (who get insulted when you call them socialists) can’t stand that the 1% of the nation have so much power and wealth. To counter this, the Democratic Socialists that a few, elite elected officials should be tasked with forcibly taking the wealth and power of the country and redistributing it as they see fit.

As much as they may hate the 1% of the US, at least these billionaires are creating jobs, providing services, and producing products that benefit the American people. When was the last time that a United States Senator did any of those things?

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Joke Source: Salmon Fishing Forum


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