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Hilarious: Video Keeps Tally Of How Many Different Things Hillary Has Blamed For HER Election Loss

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross is credited with originally formulating the theory that there are five stages of grief when facing death: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

While Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential loss had nothing to do with standing at death’s doorstep, it could still be argued that the loss was something that Clinton may be grieving over for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, she seems to be stuck in the first stage of grief: DENIAL.

Independent Journal Review has compiled a hilarious video in which Hillary Clinton blames everything and anything, except for herself, when it comes to the reason as to why she lost to Donald Trump.

Disclaimer: This video is heavily edited, so Hillary defenders might argue that some of these statements are taken out of context. However, because we’ve been listening to these exact excuses from the Left, beginning on the day after the election, context is somewhat irrelevant.

This video is a montage of various excuses, and begins with Hillary Clinton saying,

“I take responsibility for every decision that I make, but that’s not why I lost.”

Then the fun begins as Hillary Clinton, over the course of several interviews, plays the blame game, and lists what really caused her to lose the election.

Number one on the list is, of course, the Russians. The Drive By Media, congressional Democrats and political pundits alike have spent many months trying to connect the Russians with Donald Trump’s victory.

Based off of a fake dossier, that was a product of paid opposition research, the Left has tried to cement the idea in the minds of the American people that Donald Trump did not win the presidential election, but was instead handed his victory by a foreign government.

Number two is the role that Wikileaks had in the election process. This one actually has some weight to it, and it’s possible that the information dumps from the DNC servers and Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s email account contributed to Hillary’s loss.

However, what Wikileaks did was establish that the Main Stream Media was colluding with the Clinton Campaign to get Hillary elected. Aside from former CNN contributor Donna Brazile feeding the Clinton Campaign questions before a town hall debate, 65 journalists and news network representatives had attended secret, off-the-record dinners at John Podesta’s personal residence.

Number three is James Comey and the announcement that the FBI was reopening the investigation into Hillary’s secret email servers. This happened after the husband of Hillary’s right hand woman, Anthony Weiner, had his laptop confiscated after he was discovered to have been sexting a minor. Investigators discovered additional emails on Weiner’s laptop that could possibly be related to investigation on Hillary’s email server.

Had Weiner not continued his sexting shenanigans, which he had apologized on two prior occasions for doing, the FBI would likely not have considered opening their investigation into Hillary’s server just 11 days prior to the election.

Number four is Bernie Sanders. Hillary has blamed the self-described Socialist that she ran against during the primaries for not doing enough to rally his supporters to her cause. She seems to have forgotten that it was not Bernie’s job to get her elected. Instead, it was her job to convince the people to vote for her.

Number five is the e-mail scandal in which Hillary has claimed was a major “nothing burger.” This would be the scandal in which the FBI announced that she had “grossly mishandled” classified information, as Secretary of State, and possibly allowed “hostile actors” to access national secrets.

There are currently people who are being prosecuted for violating the very statute that Hillary Clinton was said to have violated, but then-FBI Director James Comey did not recommend a prosecution because he claimed that they could not prove that Hillary had “intended” to break the law.

Clinton maintains that she was responsible, that she didn’t break any rules, and that she was not at all careless.

Number six is technology. Hillary is claiming that the “tech revolution” was used as a political weapon during the 2016 election, whereas before it was, as she says, just a way to reach voters.

Number seven is voter suppression. Hillary blames Republican governors and Republican legislators of doing “everything they can to suppress the votes.” We’re assuming that she’s referring to the Republican-led efforts to enact voter id laws. We could not find any evidence of Republicans standing outside of a voting booth, wearing para-military uniforms and wielding billy clubs, as we saw during the 2008 election with the New Black Panther Party.

Number eight is the Democratic Party itself. According to Hillary, she inherited “nothing” from the Democratic Party, claiming that the national political party had no financial resources and offered mediocre to poor data research.

Finally, coming it at number nine is the excuse that it was sexism that cost Hillary the election. It’s always fun to point out that by Hillary claiming that she should have been elected because it would have made her the first female president is, in itself, a sexist statement.

Update: This article has been updated because, while the IJR video was fantastic, and contained a list of 9 excuses, the Daily Caller has created their own video and found 39 Hillary excuse.

They are both fantastic, but when given the option of compilation videos, we’ll always go with the one with the bigger list. Especially when it comes to videos in which Hillary is blaming everything else for her failures.


What’s missing from this self-examination is anything to do with “self.” Hillary has a pile of reasons why she is not sitting at the Oval Office Resolute Desk, where her husband was fornicating with White House interns, but her list is lacking any criticism of Hillary.

There is no mention of the fact that she was a weak candidate to begin with.

As we pointed out in the beginning, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross came up with five stages of grief, and Hillary seems to be stuck in the first: DENIAL

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Source: Independent Journal Review

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