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Hillary Clinton Tries To Justify Her Comments That Insulted All Who Voted For Trump

While in India, Hillary Clinton took a question and answer segment of a public appearance as an opportunity to bash Americans who voted for Donald Trump during the 2016 election, American women, and those who lived in the “fly-over states.”

She went on to say that those who supported Trump were “backwards-thinking” people who wanted take away the rights of black people and Indian-Americans and that the women who voted for Trump were just doing what their husbands, sons, and bosses told them to do.

Much like her “basket of deplorables” comment, she soon found herself in hot water, and Democrats began distancing themselves from her.

Rather than apologizing for traveling to foreign soil and insulting large swaths of the American people, Hillary Clinton took to social media to “explain” her comments. We thought we’d break down her message into parts and analyze them for you:

“During an interview last week with an Indian news publication, I was asked about 2016, and whether Trump is the ‘virus’ or a ‘symptom’ of something deeper going on in American society. Like most Americans, people overseas remain shocked and dismayed at what they are witnessing daily.”

Right off the bat, Hillary demonstrates how out of touch she is with the feelings within the country that she was hoping to rule. The election of Donald Trump itself is an indication that the American people supported the agenda that candidate Trump was proposing. Remember, according to the army of expert Drive By Media analysts, Trump had between a 10% and 1% chance of winning.

Couple that with the fact that the Trump economy has been soaring, with taxes being cut across the board, and it’s a steep conclusion to reach to say that the American people are “shocked and dismayed.”

“My first instinct was to defend Americans and explain how Donald Trump could have been elected. I said that places doing better economically typically lean Democratic, and places where there is less optimism about the future lean Republican. That doesn’t mean the coasts versus the heartland, it doesn’t even mean entire states. In fact, it more often captures the divisions between more dynamic urban areas and less prosperous small towns within states. As I said throughout the campaign, Trump’s message was dark and backwards looking. I don’t need to list the reasons, but the foundation of his message, ‘Make America Great AGAIN’ suggests that to be great we have to go back to something we are no longer. I never accepted that and never will.”

When Trump was saying he wanted to Make America Great Again, he was clearly not referring to the times in American history when the Democrats were forcing Native Americans onto reservations at gun point. Nor was he referring to the times when the Democrats had split the country in two in order that they could keep their slaves. Nor was he referring to the times in which the Democrats were establishing and funding the KKK, setting up Jim Crow Laws, or establishing segregationist policies. Trump was not even talking about when the Democrats were unconstitutionally rounding up Japanese Americans and putting them, by force, into internment camps.

Instead, Trump’s vision of making America great again was a reference to a time when America was a place of strength in the world. It’s people were hopeful about their future. Businesses weren’t being suffocated by federal bureaucracies. You might even say that Trump was trying to bring the country back to a time before a “fundamental transformation” occurred.

“I’m from the Midwest. I had plans that, had I been elected, would have focused on the real needs of hard-working yet struggling Americans in every part of the country. Raising the minimum wage. Paid leave. Affordable college. Affordable, quality health care for everyone. Training for good jobs that don’t require a college degree. And giving workers a larger share of corporate profits and tax cuts.”

Think about what she’s saying here: Federally mandated increase in minimum wage, more benefits for workers, cheaper college, cheaper health care, and “giving” workers a portion of the profits earned by corporations. Who pays for all of that? The money has to come from somewhere, so who is footing the bill for all these generous policies that just give away wealth?

The answer is the American people, in the form of higher taxes. The winning formula for Hillary Clinton is for the federal government to seize more of the wealth and dole it out as it sees fit. This is a socialist agenda in almost every sense of the word, and would guarantee that the eight years of stagnant Obama economy would continue.

“So far, Donald Trump has done nothing positive to ease the pain of the people who most strongly supported him, from the loss of jobs in coal country to the opioid epidemic to the tax bill that increases the debt by $1.5 trillion with a massive corporate tax cut, only 13% of which went to workers in the form of bonuses or pay raises.”

This is just insulting. America’s economy is booming. Unemployment among African Americans has hit historic lows. The number of food stamp recipients has dropped by millions. There’s more jobs available, and businesses are handing out bonuses and raises left and right.

The additional line at the end “only 13% of which went to workers in the form of bonuses or pay raises” just shows how out of touch Hillary Clinton is. This is much like Nancy Pelosi calling the benefits of Trump’s tax plan “crumbs.” What would the American people have gotten with Hillary as president? Likely, none, because Hillary would have been raising their taxes to pay for the freebie programs she mentions earlier.

Though, we should not be surprised that Hillary thinks so little of a $1,000 bonus to an American citizen when her husband collects $500,000 for merely speaking to some Russian bankers.

“I was also asked about women, specifically white women, the majority of whom have not voted for Democrats in recent history. I did better with them than previous Democratic nominees, but still lost them overall to a candidate who relies on scare tactics and false attacks, masking the fact that he is otherwise no friend to most Americans.”

Speaking of scare tactics, remind us again which political party is using scare tactics to buy into the notion that the world is melting and we need to “do something” or we will all die. Keep in mind, in 2006, Al Gore predicted that we had 10 years until the global warming apocalypse hit.

“I also mentioned something in passing that’s gotten a lot of negative attention: that there is anecdotal evidence and some research to suggest that women are unfortunately more swayed by men than the other way around. As much as I hate the possibility, and hate saying it, it’s not that crazy when you think about our ongoing struggle to reach gender balance – even within the same household. I did not realize how hard it would hit many who heard it. I was out there having a conversation, and this was one piece of a larger point about how Democrats need to do better with white women, because I know in my heart that Democrats have much more to offer them. Do I believe that some women look at a powerful woman and question whether she can lead, maybe voting for the man their husband is voting for instead? It may not be universally true or easy to hear, but yes, it’s a dynamic still at play in our society. I know this because even I spent parts of my life wondering if I could achieve the same as male leaders, and a lot of that insecurity stemmed from my gender and how society views women. When I was serving in various roles in public life, I was always more popular when I was working for or defending a man then when I was out there on my own. That’s the point I was making, in an effort to explain to an audience some of the many dynamics that have gone into these tumultuous last few years.”

This is just the tired rehashing of the excuse that Hillary lost because America is misogynistic and the two sexes are not equal.

“I understand how some of what I said upset people and can be misinterpreted. I meant no disrespect to any individual or group. And I want to look to the future as much as anybody.”

She said that all of the people who voted for Donald Trump were backward thinking people who wanted to take away the rights of blacks and Indian-Americans. If that wasn’t meant to be disrespectful, what does it look like when she is actually trying to be insulting?

“But our future requires us to learn from 2016. We need to protect our election systems from intrusion by Russia or anyone else. We need to combat voter suppression and the propagation of fake and misleading news. I fear we are not doing anywhere near enough on those fronts, and I know we can do better.”

A little hint of Russia interfering in the election narrative. What’s interesting about this claim, now, is that we have learned that the entire Steele Dossier began with money from Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

“I love our country every bit as much as a private citizen as I did as a candidate, Secretary of State, Senator from New York, and First Lady. That’s why I don’t want us to remain passive in the face of these threats. I want us to be free to focus on the future. A future in which I hope to be fighting for Democratic values of equal opportunity, social inclusion, and strong communities; for an economy that works for everyone; and for lifting up the next generation of leadership, particularly women.

So to those upset or offended by what I said last week, I hope this explanation helps to explain the point I was trying to make. And I hope now that we can get back to the real business before us: Protecting our democracy and building a future we can all share.”

There’s a lot in this last section, but the part that stands out, as always, is that America is not a Democracy. It is a Democratic Republic. Were America a Democracy, Hillary Clinton, who one the popular vote, would be president at the moment. Instead, we protect the interests of each and every state by having a system in which they get a fair say in how the country is run. It’s a small distinction, but the Democratic Party politicians are notorious for calling the nation a Democracy.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected, things would certainly be different in the United States. Tell us what changes you think you would have seen under a Hillary Clinton administration.

Source: Hillary’s Facebook Page

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