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Hollywood Actors Tricked Into Reading Actual Gun Facts

Hollywood is a multi-billion dollar industry that has its actors and actresses leaping over the hoods of cars, jumping off balconies, and firing sprays of bullets at the bad guys and villains on screen. There’s no doubt that their movies and advertisements glamorize the use of firearms.

While this is all well and good, Hollywood is filled with anti-2nd Amendment activists who would like nothing more than to seize the the firearms of the American people. Yes, they can be surrounded, 24/7, by an army of armed security guards, but you should not be allowed to trust the defense of your family and home to your abilities with a firearm.

This hypocrisy has permeated throughout the entertainment industry, which is why it was just delicious when a group of actors and actresses auditioned for a part by reading actual stats about gun violence in the United States.

Austen Fletcher, of the YouTube channel Fleccas Talks, provided a fake audition for up and coming actors and actresses.

If you are unfamiliar with auditions, they generally vary as far as what is asked of those seeking the jobs. Sometimes, auditions are asked to read from a script, sometimes they are told to sing, sometimes it involves ad libbing some material, sometimes the auditioned is asked to perform something from their past, and some disreputable casting organizations use the “Harvey Weinstein casting couch method” of finding qualified applicants.

Whatever the format, when it’s time for the audition to take place, the applicant is often times nervous and doing their best to demonstrate that they are the talent that the casting agency has been looking for.

In this particular audition, Fletcher brings the candidates into a small set with a metal chair and a white backdrop.

The candidates are then asked to read directly from the teleprompter, and are told beforehand that they will be reading facts about gun violence in the United States.

It’s an incredible video because you can actually see the gears clicking inside the heads of these actors and actresses as the actual gun violence facts, that are hardly ever reported by the Main Stream Media, are starting to sink in.

They are actually pausing as they consider this new source of information.

You have to understand, it’s difficult to get an alternative viewpoint into the minds of people from Hollywood. They are absolutely convinced that the Leftist talking points that they hear from the media, from their co-workers in the entertainment industry, and from whatever acting college they came from are correct. For too many in the United States, they are told what to think rather than how to think.

Check out the video below and also take a look at the sources that Fletcher provided with his video:

Video Fact Sources:

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