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Joe Biden Gets Roasted By Satirical Website

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden gets destroyed by an article from a popular satirical site.

If you have been following American politics, for even a short while, you have likely come across The Babylon Bee.

From AOC to Elizabeth Warren, The Bee has earned a reputation for exposing hypocrisy, deviancy, stupidity, and flat out lies that are often found in the lives of Left-wing politicians using nothing more than a bit of imagination and humor.

The Bee’s latest jab is aimed at presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

Biden has earned the moniker “Creepy Uncle Joe” after, not just one, but multiple videos and photos began appearing online of the former Vice President invading the personal spaces of small girls and women as he apparently sniffed their hair:

The behavior has been seen as troubling by many… except for ardent Biden supporters who think he was simply being “too affectionate.”

The Babylon Bee took a shot at Biden’s problem with a hilarious article premised with the idea that Biden began wearing a mask in public to combat the Corona virus, but that he had cut a hole in it so as to be able to continue sniffing women and girls.

Via The Bee:

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“That’s better,” he said as he cut a big hole for his schnoz. “Now I’m protecting against infection and I’m still able to give the ladies a good sniff.”

The article continues with Biden giving another rambling rendition of his younger days spent at the pool and his dealings with the infamous Corn Pop.

You can read the rest of the article HERE.

The idea that “Creepy Joe Biden” is the absolute best and brightest that the Democrat Party has to offer for their hopes of regaining the White House is absolutely incredible.

-Source: The Babylon Bee

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