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Joke: For The Sports Fans The Silliest John Madden Type Quotes Of All Time

For those who are not football fans, you may not know who John Madden was.

Madden was an NFL coach, and after coaching, spent 30 years broadcasting NFL games. He’s a legend.

One of the things that made him the most entertaining broadcasters in the business was his constant situations in which he would state the obvious.

Madden would be the guy who would announce that a team needs to get the ball down the field in order to win the game.

The following are the best, silliest John Madden quotes of all time. Even if you don’t like football, you might still get a kick out of them:







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Note: We have been able to attribute most of the quotes to John Madden but we could not definitively attribute all the quotes to him. That is why we called them “John Madden Type” quotes since all the quotes have the same type and style as the typical off kilter John Madden quotes.


Quotes Source: Jokes Warehouse


Source: AZ Quotes

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