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Judge Jeanine Vindicates Trump: “He Was Right From The Beginning…”

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine excoriated the American Intelligence Community after it was learned that formerly high-ranking members plotted and conspired together to knowingly provide false information to a judge to obtain a warrant that would allow them to spy on the political campaign of a private American citizen.

“A cabal of arrogant, condescending employees of our government thought we didn’t count.”

Jeanine made her remarks during the Opening Statement segment of her popular television show, and insisted that Donald Trump was “right from the beginning.”

The reference was to a series of Tweets that President sent out on March 4th of 2017 in which he accused the Obama administration of wiretapping his phones at Trump Tower.

After the Tweets went viral, anti-Trump “news” publications immediately sprang into gear to try to shoot holes in the story that the Obama administration was wire-tapping Trump associates:

Their stories included responses from Obama administration officials claiming that neither President Obama nor any other White House official, would ever have given the order to wiretap a private citizen, to interviews with former and current intelligence officials who claimed that it would be unlikely that a president would order the surveillance of a private citizen.

While it was true that nobody would ever be able to locate a “smoking gun” order, given by Barack Obama, to spy on the political campaign of the opposition political party, it is also true that an order is not needed when the FBI and the DOJ is being led by like-minded political ideologues.

Just like Lois Lerner weaponizing the IRS to target Conservatives, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Peter Strzok, and others did not need to be instructed to provide false information to the FISA Court, a court designed to root out enemy spies, in order to spy on Barack Obama’s political enemies.

If President Trump was asserting that then-Barack Obama got on his “mighty phone” with members of the DOJ and the FBI, and said, “I want you to lie to the FISA Court and provide it with false information so that we can wiretap the Republicans’ political campaign,” then he would be wrong. However, if his point is that the Obama administration, as a whole, was actively using the weight of the federal government and abusing intelligence community powers in order to stop and/or undermine a political opponent, then he’d be correct.

To be clear, Watergate is often referred to as the epitome of corruption within the American political system. Watergate involved 5 guys who broke into the DNC office at the Watergate office complex, in Washington, DC, with the intention of photographing campaign documents and installing listening devices. They were found out, and the Nixon administration tried to use the powers of the federal government to cover up the scandal.

Fast forward to the Obama administration and you have leaders of the FBI and DOJ, openly expressing their hatred for Donald Trump and their plans to do whatever necessary to prevent him from being elected. This included running a phony federal investigation on Hillary Clinton, who was discovered trafficking in classified national security secrets over a private and unsecured server, as well as granting Clinton aides immunity without having any goal of a prosecution in site.

The Obama-era FBI used a piece of fake opposition research, paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC, to secure a FISA warrant to spy on at least one private citizen. Even after all of this is known, and the Nunes Memo verifies what is suspected, the Democratic Party, former Obama administration officials, former intelligence community officials, and their accomplices in the media, have worked to bury, undermine, or outright brush aside the obvious corruption and political bias that has been exposed within the Obama DOJ and the Obama FBI.

Watergate is amateur-hour compared to what was going on when the former community organizer was occupying the White House. Obama may not have been passing down the orders, but the political ideologues in the IRS, the FBI, and the DOJ did not need orders or instructions. They knew what they were supposed to do: use the powers of the federal government to attack the political enemies of the Democratic Party.


Source: Fox News

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