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Kayleigh McEnany Has To Explain How Voting Works After Reporter’s Failed Smear Of President Trump

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany not only takes the time to shut down a hyper-partisan narrative pushed by the Mainstream Media, but she used a member of that same Media to do it for her.

It began when ABC’s John Carl asked McEnany if she was aware that it is illegal in the country to vote twice.

She then asks the reporter if he is referring to comments that President Trump had made about mail in voting.

When he confirmed that it was, she then asked him if he could recall what the president had actually said on the matter.

John Carl confirms, “I have it right here.”

As expected from a member of the Mainstream Media, and just like they have done with Trump’s “fine people on both sides” comment, Carl then repeats the president’s words but leaves out a key detail that would change the nature of the statement entirely.

McEnany then schools the reporter:

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