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Lawsuit Filed Against Sporting Goods Store For Age Discrimination

Dick’s Sporting Goods is facing a discrimination lawsuit after refusing to sell a firearm to an Oregon man who met the legal requirements to purchase a gun.

20-year-old Tyler Watson’s complaint says that he entered a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Gold Hill, Oregon with the intention of purchasing a gun. He told the clerk that he wanted to buy a .22 rifle and that he was 20-years-old.

The clerk then promptly informed Watson that he would be unable to purchase the requested firearm because of a new change in company policy.

After the Parkland school shooting, in Florida, Dick’s Chairman and CEO Ed Stack said that the company would be changing their policies after learning that the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz, used a shotgun that was legally purchased at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store to carry out his rampage.

The statement does not mention that the Broward County Sheriff’s Department had dozens of warnings about the shooter, leading up to the shooting. It does not mention that multiple armed sheriff deputies and one armed security officer were taking up positions outside of the school while the shooter was inside and killing kids. It does not mention that the FBI was warned about the shooter’s online stated intentions of becoming a “professional school shooter,” prior to the shooting, but failed to follow up on the warnings. It does not mention the Obama-era program that encouraged schools not to report certain criminal activities of students, with the intention of reducing the number of students who go from the classrooms and into the prisons.

What the statement does mention is the need for more gun legislation in the United States. Stack suggested that, until legislators enacted more gun laws, Dick’s would take matters into their own hands by putting age restrictions on certain items within their stores,

“We will no longer sell firearms to anyone under 21 years of age. We will no longer sell high capacity magazines. We never have and never will sell bump stocks that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire more rapidly.”

Watson’s lawsuit states that this is age discrimination because he meets all of the legal requirements to purchase the firearm that he was seeking.

This is the height of irony, given that the Left just finished championing the cause of a gay couple who sued a Christian baker who refused to make customized cake for a gay wedding. The baker was citing moral and religious objections, and offered to sell the couple any other cake in the store, but that he could not, in good conscience, customize a cake for a gay wedding. The Left mocked the baker, calling him a homophobic, and they mocked his religion. They said that the law trumps any moral objections that he might have.

In the case of Dick’s Sporting goods, we now have a policy that is enacted by a business-owner, based on moral objections, that would restrict the sale of items to persons below a certain age. How is this any different? Why isn’t the Left just as outraged at Dick’s as they were at the Christian baker?

Source: Breitbart Media                     Image Source: Video Screenshot

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