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The Left’s Solution To The Opioid Crisis: Use Taxpayer Money To Let Junkies “Safely” Shoot Up

Heroin Injection/ Wiki Commons

New York City is making plans to combat the growing opioid epidemic by providing facilities for heroin addicts to shoot up.

It’s no secret that much of what the Left in the United States touches tends to be fundamentally changed in a way that eventually winds up hurting others.

We see this in California’s pro-illegal immigration stance that protects criminal illegal aliens (illegal aliens who commit crimes after coming to America) at the expense of the American citizens or legal immigrants.

We see this in Chicago, a city with the tough “common sense” gun-control laws that Democrats want for the rest of the country, but a city still seeing over 3,000 people shot in a single year.

New York City is now trying to make its Progressive mark on the nation after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that four facilities would be opening up that would allow drug addicts to “safely” shoot up to get their high.

That’s great news for New York City residents who are wondering why they pay such an exorbitant amount in taxes because this gives them some indication of the priorities of their city officials.

Fox News reports that the mayor promised to provide a police presence at each of the facilities to prevent any possible illegal activity that could occur just outside.

“We’re going to have a strong presence of the NYPD and other agencies around these overdose prevention centers to ensure that quality of life is not disrupted, to ensure there is not illegal activity tolerated outside these centers.”

Keep in mind, it is illegal to shoot up heroin in the United States. That would be an illegal activity.

So what de Blasio is saying here is that the city will not tolerate illegal activity outside of the city sponsored facilities that are conducting illegal activities inside.

De Blasio promised that the police will prevent anyone who is still high to leave the facility. Medical practitioners will be inside the facilities to ensure the heroin that is being injected into the patients’ bodies is being administered safely.

There are some days where you have to just say, “I don’t recognize my country anymore.”

Imagine if, twenty or thirty years ago, you had somebody who came up to you and told you that a major American city was going to, in the future, be sponsoring places that allow junkies to shoot up in order to stop an epidemic of wide-spread drug use. What would you have said if that is what you were told?


Source: Fox News

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