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Liberal “Geniuses” Give Thoughts About Trump’s Speech… Before He Delivers The Speech

Screenshot: Campus Reform Video

Campus Reform is a watchdog organization that keeps track of what is going on on American college campuses, and does an amazing job in documenting the Liberal indoctrination that has been going on there.

In their latest video, Campus Reform travels to New York City to catch the college Millennials’ reactions to the State Of The Union speech that President Trump delivered to a joint session of Congress.

Presidents often use the televised opportunity to address the nation, and to promote the strengths of their administration. It is a time when the people get to hear what the president has accomplished over the last year as well as what the president is hoping to accomplish in the future.

Some presidents have used the opportunity as a bully pulpit to be used against their political opponents or those who stand in the way of their agenda. Barack Obama, for example, used one of his State Of The Union speeches to attack a decision made by the Supreme Court.

Wikimedia Commons: Supreme Court State of the Union 2011

In any case, Campus Reform traveled to New York University to ask students about their opinions about President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union Address.

As you would expect, these students had strong anti-Trump sentiments about the Trump’s speech, and did not hesitate to express their displeasure.

While it’s perfectly okay for someone to disagree with someone else’s speech, and students are welcome to exercise their First Amendment freedoms, the problem with their remarks is that the interviews were conducted BEFORE President Trump gave his speech.

It’s amazing how these students, the future of our country, have a strong position on events that have not happened yet.

Take a look at the video below:

There are three possible conclusions to be made about this video, and none of them are any better than the others.

The first possibility is that these New York University students have so much hatred and antipathy towards the Republican president that they are not open to the possibility that he is anything other than a racist, homophobic, misogynist with a tendency to lean towards tyranny. With this option, it means that there is literally nothing that Donald Trump could do that would convince these “great minds” on the campus of NYU to support the Trump administration’s agenda.

The second possibility is that these New York University students simply accept anything that they are told, without question. Critical thinking and the questioning of ideas is lost on these individuals. The danger here is that devious politicians and power-brokers could use such malleable minds to their advantage.

The third possibility, and this is the least dangerous of all the options so far, is that these students are simply accepting the premise of the questions so that they don’t appear uninformed. To them, it might seem better to offer an opinion rather than say, “I don’t know anything about what you are asking me about.”

Option number four is that each of these students are psychic, and that they looked into the future to see what Trump was going to say. The problem here is that their opinions What do you think caused these NYU students to comment about events that had not happened yet?

Source: Campus Reform

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