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Low On Ammo- SAS Soldier Resorts To Fighting Off Enemy Combatants With Garden Tools

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Let it never be said that British Special Air Service (SAS) is not a fierce and lethal force to be reckoned with.

This truth was demonstrated, yet again, when a division of SAS soldiers were pinned down, fighting off waves and waves of insurgents who had thought to take the British soldiers by surprise. After nearly running out of ammo, one SAS soldier managed to kill an enemy combatant with a garden tool.

The Daily Star reports that after the ambush began, the SAS force sought refuge in a nearby farm. They hunkered down and fought off multiple waves of enemy combatants using machine guns.

The enemy combatants were believed to have been newly arrived extremists who had been forced out of the Islamic State territory along the Iraq and Syrian border. Since Donald Trump took office, the restrictions that were placed on the military from the Obama years have been lifted, and the results are as clear as day.

Officials have reported that ISIS has lost over 98% of the territory that they had captured during Obama-era, causing the radical Islamic caliphate to collapse.  ISIS has lost every major stronghold that it once held, and the survivors have been forced to retreat to other areas.

This particular group of extremists had ambushed the SAS soldiers, and the British troops were unsure that the air support that they had called for was going to arrive for they were unable to confirm whether or not the messages that they were radioing out were being received.

Though they were holding their own, the SAS force soon realized that their ammo would soon be running out.

A source told the Daily Star that the soldiers knew that capture would result in a very certain outcome. First, they would be tortured by the enemy jihadis, and after that, they would be filmed as they were executed. The video of their deaths would spread around the world as propaganda for the terrorist organization.

This tactic of drowning, burning, or beheading innocent men, women, and children has marked radical Islamic terrorist networks as being as brutal and inhumane as they are unmerciful.

“They made a pact that they wouldn’t be taken alive and vowed to fight to the death.”

As the fight continued, the source said, the enemy combatants were shouting taunts at the pinned down SAS soldiers, threatening to send their heads back to their loved ones.

“They made every bullet count and when they ran low on ammo they waited for the jihadis to get close enough so they could be killed with grenades or using rifles as clubs…”

When the terrorists moved in, that was when one of the SAS soldiers managed to kill one of the enemy combatants with a spade.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Britain’s Special Air Service, you might recall, is the same military force that initiated an attack on ISIS while disguised under Burqas.

Source: The Daily Star, Fox News, The Daily Mail, The Blaze

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