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Member Of Congress Claims To Have Found The Russian Collusion

It’s been over a year since the first allegations surfaced that the Russians had colluded with a presidential candidate in order to secure a victory in an American election. With a potentially damning intelligence report, called the Trump Dossier, and an army of unnamed sources, the Mainstream Media, the Democrats in Congress, a Special Council investigation, and even some Republicans set out to find the smoking gun that would link Donald Trump with Russian collusion.

In a surprising twist, the Russian collusion has apparently been discovered, and it has come full circle to point directly at the Democratic National Committee.

During an appearance on Fox and Friends, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) made it clear who had actually been colluding with the Russians in order to influence the election,

“The Democrat National Committee and the Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS who paid Christopher Steele who paid Russians to do what? Influence the election.”

There is a lot in that statement, so it is important to unwind a little bit of it in order to understand what transpired.

The Trump Dossier began as a product of opposition research that was paid for by an unnamed Republican candidate, prior to Donald Trump winning the primaries.

After Trump secured the nomination, the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign took over the funding of the dossier.

The DNC and the Clinton campaign funneled money, through a law firm, to the opposition research firm called Fusion GPS.

Fusion GPS then hired a British ex-spy named Christopher Steele who was tasked with compiling opposition research against Donald Trump into a report that would later be called the Trump Dossier.

Christopher Steele paid Kremlin sources (Russia) for information to be added to his research.

Because Fusion GPS is an opposition research firm, anything that they provide to the American intelligence community would be suspected of having been tainted by political ideology.

Therefore, Fusion GPS used John McCain, who sent an aide to meet with Christopher Steele to pick up the dossier, to feed the Trump dossier to the FBI.

The intelligence community then presented a copy of the dossier to outgoing President Obama and President-Elect Trump.

Because the “intelligence document” had been presented to an incoming president as well as an outgoing president, it suddenly became news and Buzzfeed printed the Trump Dossier in full. Along with their lazy journalism, Buzzfeed included the disclaimer that nothing within the dossier had been verified, as of yet.

CNN reported on the existence of the dossier after Buzzfeed‘s exposé, and the Trump dossier gained a life of its own.

Sitting members of Congress, including Al Franken, used the Trump dossier as the basis for Russian collusion questions during Jeff Sessions’ Attorney General confirmation hearings. Others were using the salacious claims within the dossier to call for Trump’s impeachment as well as an investigation into whether or not Trump had colluded with the Russians to “steal” the election.

Even after more than a year of its circulation around the world and throughout the intelligence community, no claim within the dossier has been proven to be true. Quite the opposite, in fact, as numerous claims have demonstrated to be false after the claims failed to get basic information correct.

What we are left with, as Jim Jordan points out, is that the Democrats hired a law firm to funnel money into an opposition research company that hired an ex-British spy who paid Russian agents to come up with the false information found within the Trump Dossier. The opposition research company, Fusion GPS, then used a sitting member of Congress to feed the document to the American intelligence community in order to give it some legitimacy.

The biggest act of Russian collusion that we have seen, so far, is that the Democrats’ money went to Russians for the sole purpose of influencing the outcome of an American presidential election.

There’s your Russian collusion. 

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