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Mostly Peaceful BLM Activist Arrested For Suspected Terrorist Activities

One of Black Lives Matter’s “mostly peaceful” protesters is facing charges of terrorist activity and making or discharging a destructive device, police said.

During an anti-police demonstration, 26-year-old Abraham Quraishi was alleged to have picked up a foam baton round off of the ground and chucked it at the police.

It was during this action that officers spotted a handgun tucked away in Quraishi’s waistband.  The officers learned that the gun was loaded and that Quraishi did not have a conceal carry permit.

Why bring a loaded gun to a “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter demonstration? Under what circumstance was he planning on using it? If he wasn’t planning on using it, then why bring it at all?

The arrest became more concerning after police obtained a warrant and discovered multiple videos filmed on his phone that were recorded just prior to his arrest.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, one of these videos showed the construction of a Molotov cocktail as well as a test demonstration of the explosive devise. Again, when would such a weapon be expected to be used in “mostly peaceful” demonstrations? It’s merely speculation at this point, but perhaps this device meant to achieve what CNN calls a “fiery but mostly peaceful protest.

Another video showed Quraishi driving by an old police building with the caption “thinking about it.”

Another featured Quraishi pointing a weapon at an unmarked police vehicle.

Still more showed the man “performing reconnaissance from ‘high vantage points’ around police headquarters.” Again, why would a Black Lives Matter activist ever need to find the right “high vantage point” around a police headquarter? When would this ever be useful to a peaceful and law-abiding protester?

Police have also arrested Quraizhi’s roommate, 23-year-old Seanfrancis Kavanaugh Ziegenbein. It is believed that Ziegenbein is the individual in the video that was testing out the homemade Molotov cocktail. The explosive device was discharged in a  Vertical Ventures parking lot.

While the Mainstream Media does their mental gymnastics in an effort to paint Black Lives Matter and Antifa as nothing more than “mostly peaceful” demonstrators, try to remember the last time that you, presuming that you are a law-abiding individual, ever felt the need to construct an explosive device. When was the last time that you recorded yourself aiming weapons at the police? When was the last time you were seeking high vantage points overlooking the local police station?

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