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Mr Reagan Takes Down The View In A big Way

Mr. Reagan was on fire as he destroyed the ladies of the day-time talk show, The View.

In case you are unfamiliar with either party, Mr. Reagan is a content creator whose main platform is YouTube. He provides videos that challenge the Left-wing ideology, promotes conservative values, and dives into the heart of controversial modern-day issues.

If you are a regular watcher of Mr. Reagan’s channel, you will know that he has given a conservative perspective about everything from illegal immigration to abortion.

The View, by contrast, is a day time talk show in which the Left-wing agenda and Left-wing talking points are the only points of view that are allowed to be aired. Any conservative talking points will be shot down and silenced. It’s very appropriate that the show is called “the view.”

In one episode of The View, the ladies chatter about how the Republicans were making the attempted Democrat-led impeachment process political and demonstrating a bias. Their claim was that the Republicans were the ones who were approaching the impeachment process with a bias.

Forget about the fact that Maxine Waters and the Democrats had been calling for the impeachment of the president since at least a week before he took office. Forget about them screaming, “We’re going to impeach the m-f’er” two years before the infamous Ukraine phone call happened. Forget that the Democrats wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and three years to launch a Russian collusion hoax in an effort to impeach the president. Nope, according to the brilliant minds of The View, it’s the Republicans who were approaching this entire process as biased participants. 

Yes, the episode is full of cringe.

Thankfully, we have Mr. Reagan to watch the show for us and dissect it into easily digestible clips.

Without further ado, here is Mr. Reagan’s I Hate The View #10:

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