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Must Watch: Smug SJW’s Bizarre Behavior Inside A Gun Store

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A gun shop owner is being hailed as the most patient man on earth after having an encounter with a… unique social justice warrior and possible member of Antifa.

The video was taken at Private Sector Arms in Olympia, Washington. The owner, Don Teague, recorded the conversation between himself and the black-clad activist who had entered his store.

The activist asks Teague whether or not he sells weapons to “Kikes,” which is a racist and derogatory term used for Jewish people.

Teague asks why the activist would ask such a question, and the activist points out that there is a Nazi flag hanging on the front of the store.

Teague calmly explains that the flag that she is referencing is not a Nazi flag, but instead a Gadsden flag. The Gadsden flag features a fanged snake with the phrase, “Don’t tread on me.” It was named after its designer, General Christopher Gadsden, during the Revolutionary War.

The flag was meant as a warning to the tyrannical King George III, and had nothing to do with Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists of 20th century Germany.

Teague tells the activist that the flag is not a Nazi flag, and the activist replies,

“If it’s not Nazi, then I don’t know what it is.” 

The activist, now off-camera, then wanders over to a stack of Bibles. The owner explains that the Bibles are free, and that the activist can take one of them if she wants.

“You can read it, burn it, do whatever you want with it.”

The black-clad social justice warrior says that that was a very nice offer because she would like to burn the Bibles.

We should pause right here to point out that there was a socialist movement of the 20th century that was very fond of book burning. Though the name of this particular national-socialist political party escapes me at the moment, I do recall that they were lead by an angry man with a funny little mustache.

Anyway, the activist then asks if she can have all of the Bibles, explaining that she has friends, and Teague says that she can.

Taking the stack of Bibles, Teague tells the social justice warrior that she can leave.

Rather than leaving, the black-clad activist goes out into the parking lot and starts hurling the Bibles at the gun shop as well as chucking them up onto the roof.

Teague has had enough, and makes a call to the local authorities.

The activist comes back into the business, waits while the owner finishes his call to the police, and then asks why he had called the police.

“You’re being violent, and I’m asking you to leave. And you’re dressed like some weird Antifa freak.” 

The activist referenced the Gadsden flag as her defense of her hurling Bibles at the business and her refusing to leave after being asked multiple times.

“Yeah, because it’s like, ‘Don’t tread on me.’ So I should be able to do whatever I want with these.”

The entire encounter is just absolutely bizarre, to say the least, but it makes for an entertaining ten minutes.

Many were asking how Teague was able to remain so cool and calm when faced with a an ignorant and childish social justice warrior.

Watch the video below, and let us know what you think:

The gun shop owner was later interviewed by NRA News, where he explained that activists like the one in the above video are not uncommon for his shop. He explains that he is next door to a university, and these youths come into his shop trying to egg him on to get a reaction out of him.

You can watch the interview below:


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