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News Report Shows Embarrassingly Small Turnout At Public Biden “Event”

A KSAZ-TV news report is quickly spreading across social media as it demonstrates just how much trouble Joe Biden might be in as we get closer to the election.

Nicole Garcia stood outside a campaign event Phoenix but remarked that there were not a lot of people showing up to the event.

“There’s really not much to see. I’ll step out of the way, but it’s kinda boring out here. So, it’s not your typical presidential campaign event; we don’t see people rallying outside, we don’t see signs or really much of what’s going on.”

She went on to say that most of the people she had previously seen entering the event were merely campaign staffers and members of the media.

When Garcia reached out to the campaign for a comment, she was told that the low turn-out was done on purpose,

“I’m told by one of the local Biden staffers is that they kinda kept the details about the visit, as far as the timing and the exact locations, they didn’t really want to give that out to the public, because they want to keep the crowds to a minimum.”

That’s right. Joe Biden held a public campaign event, but his people purposefully didn’t tell the public about it so that they wouldn’t have a big crowd. It has nothing to do with any notion that Biden couldn’t scrounge up enough interest from the public to attend one of his events to listen to one of his stories about Corn Pop and rusty switchblades at the pool.

After all, we know that Corn Pop, according to Joe, “was a bad dude.

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