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No, The 8-Year-Old AOC Impersonator Is Not Propaganda

If you have been browsing social media, you may have come across a viral video of an 8-year-old girl doing a fantastic impression of New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). Wearing thick-framed glasses and lipstick, the girl warns of the dangers of cow farts and an impending world ending scenario in just 12 years. The video is chock-full of “likes” and the girl also spends some time mocking the idea that AOC doesn’t really seem to know that much about politics or political theory.

Understandably, this video has triggered those on the Left as much as it has delighted and entertained those on the Right. One common theme among critics, though, is that this video is using a child to promote propaganda. Those on the Left are accusing the makers of the video of exploiting a child to advance an agenda and there are even some on the Right who are making the same claim. Their argument is that Republicans should not stoop to the level of Democrats as far as brainwashing children and using the innocent to advance an agenda.

Where does all of this come from?

Just looking at the past ten years, there were multiple examples of children being indoctrinated into almost worshiping President Barack Obama with pro-Obama assignments as well as cult-styled chants in public schools. Two of the most infamous of these was the a pro-Obama song praising the glorious leader as a part of an ad campaign and a pro-Obama chant conducted in public schools funded by taxpayer money:

These are just a couple of examples that let us know that the Left is not afraid to use North Korean style indoctrination techniques to promote their political figures. You can find multiple cases of videos where 5 to 10-year-old children are praising political leaders as well as reciting Leftist talking points about illegal immigration and climate change. “Please, don’t kill the fuzzy whuzzy polar bears, Donald Trump. Please don’t kill the planet I am going to one day inherit by pulling the United States out of the Paris Accords.”

One of the cringiest examples of these was a New York Times endorsed opinion video where a 9-year-old child was reading a book entitled “Goodbye Earth” to a group of adults who are sitting on the floor:

This type of video is pure propaganda. It’s okay to have a discussion on climate change, and debate the science, but the Left is not interested in this. Since 2006, when Al Gore told us we only had ten years to live, the Left has been saying that the science is settled.

It’s much like a used car salesman telling you that you need to buy a car NOW without examining it or test driving it. The Left is saying there is no time for debate. There’s no time to examine the evidence. We need to act now or there will be no more snow in 2016…

It would be a difficult thing to deny that children are a favorite target of indoctrination for the Left as well as useful tools for promoting their agenda simply because there are ample examples to point to that are available.

Yet this is also why the 8-year-old impersonating AOC has gotten some Republicans a little bit nervous. Is this an indication that the Right is becoming just as bad as the Progressives? Is the Right sinking to their level in using children as propaganda pieces.

The answer is no. Not at all. At least, this AOC parody video is not an example of this.

That’s because this video is what we like to call comedy. It’s meant to mock, to poke fun at, and to exaggerate characteristics and speech patterns that are attributed to AOC.

These days, comedy seems to be a foreign word. Especially if you are watching late night comedy shows. Non-stop Trump bashing and Leftist agenda promotions have become the norm, not the exception. Take Jimmy Fallon’s “Slow Jam The News” segment from several years back featuring Barack Obama:

There was nothing funny about this bit. It was literally Barack Obama reading his agenda with Jimmy Fallon telling his audience to support it. Humor? Comedy? Not so much. It’s certainly not something that will ever appear on one of these shows during the Trump years.

So, while the young AOC video does delve into the world of politics, by lampooning a political figure who seems to, by any measurement, know very little about what she is talking about, it is not what one would be considered propaganda or indoctrination of children. It is not sinking to the level that the Left has gone over the last decade. It’s just a little bit of comedy.

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