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Powerful Video Shows The State Of “Trump’s America”

YouTuber Paul Martinez has created a video that perfectly sums up the state of the country with the former real estate mogul at the helm.

Since the election of Donald Trump, and even for some time prior, there has been a consistent and never-ending narrative being pushed by the Leftist politicians and their accomplices in the media.

That narrative suggests that every action conducted by Republicans and those who supported Donald Trump is an act of aggression that is rooted in racism, sexism, or bigotry of some sort.

The most egregious of these accusations came in the form of the media’s treatment of the Covington High School children who were visiting Washington D.C. on a field trip.

While waiting for their bus, a group of black supremacists approached them and began hurling racist and derogatory insults at the CHILDREN.

After taking the verbal beating from the Black Hebrew Israelites, the boys were then approached by Native American Elder Nathan Phillips.

According to Phillips’ account, it was the boys who approached him and surrounded him. He recounts how he was scared for his life.

The media was quick to pick up on the story and run with it, apparently without even bothering to watch the video evidence of the event.

Multiple angles showed that it was Phillips who approached the boys and it was Phillips who was acting in an aggressive manner. The elder was beating on a drum and chanting just a few inches in front of Nick Sandmann’s face.

The Left was quick to condemn Sandmann and his classmates as being arrogant and racist Trump supporters who were picking on a Native American elder. Simply the act of standing still with a polite smile on one’s face while wearing a MAGA hat is now considered an aggressive act by the thought police of the Left.

Furthermore, the Left moved quickly to defend Phillip’s encroachment of Sandmann’s personal space by claiming that the Native American was simply chanting holy prayers.

Switch this up for a moment and reverse the roles. Imagine that a white man approached a Native American teenager in a public square. Imagine if that white man started belting a chorus of “Ave Maria” or “Joy to the World” in the child’s face. Do you suppose the Left would be just as quick to defend the disturbance and claim that the white man was simply singing religious songs?

Every day, the Left is finding new things to call racist, sexist, and bigoted. Everything from smiling to wearing a red hat with an expression of hope for the country is now considered to be a micro-aggression.

With the advent of social media as well as activism masked as journalism, the spread of misinformation and downright deception is more of a problem now than it ever was.

Hopefully, videos like “Another Day In Trump’s America” will wake people up to what’s going on.


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