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Public Outrage After Nurses Laugh As WWII Vet Begs For Help And Dies In Front Of Them

This is going to be one of those stories that will likely get your blood boiling as you realize that the tortured last moments on Earth, of a World War II veteran, a father, and a grandfather, were spent surrounded by seemingly uncaring nurses who were laughing it up.

The video is a major piece of evidence of a lawsuit filed by the family of 89-year-old James Dempsey.

Dempsey was housed in the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center where his family had installed a hidden camera in his room.

The incident happened in 2015, but the video was not for two years until a judge allowed it to be released.

In the video, patient James Dempsey appeared to have trouble breathing. He hit the “call” button, begging for somebody to assist him as he gasped for breath.

Nursing supervisor Wanda Knuckles was there on the morning that Dempsey died. She claimed, during her deposition of the incident, that when she was dutifully giving CPR, continuously, until the paramedics arrived.

Knuckles was then shown the actual hidden camera footage of the morning in question, and she was soon caught up in her lies as nobody in the footage was performing CPR on Dempsey at any point in time.

Instead, Knuckles and another nurse can be heard laughing about something in front of the dying World War II vet.

When asked about the contradiction of her testimony versus what the video shows, Knuckels called it “an honest mistake.”

For the record, bringing your wife daytime flu medicine when she asks for nighttime flu medicine is an honest mistake.

Failing to work the VCR properly to record a football game for your husband is an honest mistake.

Giving your kids tapioca pudding in their sack lunches when they prefer chocolate is an honest mistake.

Misremembering whether or not you actually gave life-saving CPR to a patient or not, as he lay dying, gasping for breath, and calling for help, is not so much an honest mistake.

When asked what she and her fellow nurse found so funny, Knuckles said that she could not remember.

Dempsy can be seen in the video, on at least six occasions, calling for help. It takes the facility at least an hour before 911 was called.

The tape itself was almost not released to the public as the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center asked that it not be.

However, the Georgia judge determined that it was in the public’s interest for the tape to be seen.

11Alive investigative journalists obtained and published a copy of the video, and it quickly spread like wildfire.

Social media was especially outraged about the incident, with many devising unique and painful punishments for the women who acted so callously, and then lied about the manner of death of a member of America’s Greatest Generation.

The frightening thing about this case is that, without the undercover video, Knuckles and her co-worker would have gotten away with treating a patient like this, and likely would have continued this treatment with other patients.

Fox News is reporting that the two nurses involved with this incident did not lose their jobs until 10 months later, and that the stated did not rescind their licenses until another two years after that, when the Georgia Board of Nursing demanded that it be done after seeing the video.

Source: Fox News

Source: 11Alive News

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