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Purification – A Short Movie About A Liberal Dystopia

When it comes to politics, sometimes the best way to make the showing the dangers of the other side’s agenda is to completely play out a world in which their ideals and policies rule supreme.

What happens if the United States abolishes the Electoral College and lets the mob rule? Does California and New York get to decide the fate of the rest of the country?

What happens if the United States abolishes its immigration laws and tears down its southern border barriers? Does the quality of life for American citizens and legal immigrants increase or decrease?

What happens if the United States confiscates the firearms of the American people? Does this embolden the State to shift towards tyranny?

What happens if the United States legalizes abortions up to and after the point of birth? Do we then see Leftists justifying the euthanization of the disabled, the elderly, and the infirm? What about those who politically disagree with them?

There are a number of scenarios that can be played out and Neel Kolhatkar’s group, the minds behind the the video Modern Educayshun, have produced another video that reflects on society’s current state.

In the video, three workers for the State go from household to household.

They ask each resident to display their forearm, displaying the residents’ usernames.

The State then looks up the activity of those usernames to determine if the accounts have been in some way deviant. Those who have are punished.

You could think of this idea as “thought policing.”

This is currently going on right now with people having their lives and careers destroyed for comments they have made in the past.

One 10-year-old politically incorrect Tweet or a joke made in poor taste is currently enough for the Left to mobilize and pressure companies to fire employees that they target.

What’s interesting about this video is that it was published in 2016. The phenomenon of weaponizing social media to be used against political enemies was still in its infancy.

The Left, for all its proclamations of being the side of compassion, have made it their mission to protect people from being offended (With the exception of straight, white, Christian men. Offend away with that group).

The problem is that nobody has a right to not be offended. It was never a God-given constitutionally protected right. The reason for this is simple.

The act of offending someone is going to be determined by those who perceive the offense. It’s subjective.


It’s impossible to go through life without offending someone at some point in time, even if you never mean to.

It’s a scary future, but this video, “Purification,” is showing us the end result of the pathway that we are currently traveling.

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