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Really? Self-Avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders Says “No One” Wants The Border Wall

In a bizarre post on social media, self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders claimed that “nobody” wanted the proposed border wall along America’s southern border.

Even before taking office, Donald Trump made it clear that one of his cornerstone issues, that he expressed a clear passionate for, was securing the border between Mexico and the United States. Even after taking office, his pro-border narrative has been unwavering.

Yet even though Donald Trump won a presidential election, based largely on his pro-enforcing immigration laws rhetoric, Bernie Sanders has let fly a claim that “nobody” wants a southern border wall.

In his Tweet, Sanders makes three claims about the border wall:

  • Nobody wants it.
  • It isn’t needed.
  • Mexico will not pay for it.

Just taking them one at a time, the idea that nobody wants the border wall is ludicrous. Though the media has been flaunting their polls that suggest a majority of likely voters are against the proposal, keep in mind how wrong the pollsters were going into the 2016 election.

If Sanders wanted to be a little more accurate, he might have said that nobody within the Democratic Party leadership wants a southern border wall. There is a two-fold answer for why this is so.

With an unsecured southern border, the Democrats are hoping to, at some point in the future, register every illegal alien to have a permanent low-skilled voter base. Statistically, illegal immigrants tend to gravitate towards the Democratic Party, and you can be certain that Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest are aware of this. The other reason Democrats are fine with illegal immigration is that they will never be effected by it. High-ranking Democratic Party officials live in gated communities where illegal alien crime is non-existent.

Which brings us to the second of Bernie Sanders’ points. The idea that a southern border wall is not needed is simply preposterous. How many families have been effected by the actions of illegal aliens? Take the most infamous of these cases; San Francisco’s Katie Steinle. Had there been a border wall that prevented immigrants from crossing into the United States illegally, Jose Inez Garcia Zarate might not have been able to make his sixth illegal entry into the United States.

If he had not been able to get across the border, he might not have “found” a federal agent’s gun lying on the ground. If he had not “found” the federal agent’s gun lying on the ground, he might not have “accidentally” pulled the trigger as he picked the weapon up. If he had not “accidentally” pulled the trigger, a bullet might not have been fired from the gun, and Katie Steinle might still be alive today.

Illegal immigration is a problem in the United States, and erecting a southern border wall is the least that the United States can do to enforce its sovereignty.

Sanders’ final point, that Mexico will not pay for the wall, could be true or not. That was a claim that Donald Trump made during the campaign. Supporters think he will have Mexico pay for it, possibly indirectly, using trade tariffs or by withholding international aid, while opponents think that Mexico will never pay for the wall.

Sanders may or may not be correct on this final point, but it is largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Whether it is the American taxpayer or the nation of Mexico who foots the bill for the border wall, it is undeniable that there is plenty of support to see it built.

Source: The Daily Caller 

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