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The Reason Why AOC Gets So Much Media Attention

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Recently, our inbox has been flooded with readers who have questioned why the “fresh face” of the Democratic Party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), gets so much attention.

This sentiment seems to be echoed in comment sections, message boards, political forums, and even news panel discussions across the Internet.

This is an absolutely fair question.

Why spend so much time on a Millennial politician with almost no life experiences or accomplishments to speak of? Someone whose seemingly only accomplishment is winning a district that, as Nancy Pelosi once put it, a glass of water could win if it had a “D” next to its name?

Why focus on someone who warns of an impending world-ending apocalypse in 12-years, co-authors the “New Green Deal” to combat this cataclysmic event, gets angry when Republicans force a vote on her legislation, and then says anyone who took her Chicken Little claims seriously has to “have the social intelligence of a sea sponge?”

Why devote air time, newspaper ink, or website bits of data to someone who believes that the unemployment numbers can decrease if people take on more than one job or who thinks it’s immoral for billionaires to exist in an economic system where some people contract ring worm?

These are all valid and reasonable questions, and the frustration seems to be coming from the idea that, with news outlets spending almost as much time reporting on and discussing AOC as they do President Trump, AOC is being given a credibility that she does not deserve and a platform to espouse her unfortunate beliefs.

The reason why the news media spend so much time on AOC is multifaceted. There are several, depending on what you are reading or watching.

First of all, AOC is very entertaining. On any given day, you can expect her to say something ridiculous and nonsensical, but she does it with so much confidence.

It was fun watching her talk about her upcoming inauguration shortly after being elected or to see her list the three branches of government as “the presidency, the Senate and the House.” It’s hilarious to see her post a video in which she claims to have never heard of a garbage disposal and that something in her apartment was ‘yelling’ at her when she flipped a switch.

It’s amusing to see her Tweet out that she is more interested in being morally right than accurate or precise with facts:

Why is this entertaining?

Because we don’t get a lot of this kind of stuff very often from elected politicians.

Sure, we can smirk as Hank Johnson (D-GA) warns about the island of tipping over if troops are sent to the island:

We can mock State Rep. Barbara Norton, (D-Shreveport) when she gave a long, rambling, and fairly incoherent rant against having students recite the Declaration of Independence because she believes it to be a racist document:

Or that same state representative who can’t seem to understand a piece of legislation that would require someone to pay for the damage they cause on someone else’s property:

Or when Creepy Joe Biden made the racist statement that you can’t go into a Dunkin Donuts or a 7-11 in his district “unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

These are situations in which politicians are making fools of themselves. This is the “best and brightest” that the Democrat Party has to offer. We don’t get a lot of these on a regular basis… until AOC.

AOC is a completely different breed of politician. Not only does she state nonsensical facts, produce gaffes, and give cringey interviews, she doubles down on her mistakes.

More importantly, though, AOC is very outspoken about what the modern Democrat Party stands for.  Ten years ago, you were called a conspiracy theorist if you suggested that the Democrats were socialists or if you claimed they were seeking a single-payer health insurance system or if you said they were seeking legalized late term and partial birth abortion. Now, it’s a given. They have taken off their masks and are proudly embracing these positions.

AOC does not hide who she is or what she believes. She thinks ICE should be eliminated, she just says it. She thinks the world is going to end in 12 years, she’ll say it. She thinks Israel is an occupying State, she says it. AOC is a valuable resource in finding out the belief structure of the Democrat Party. For that reason, above all else, we believe it is the right thing to do to continue to give the “fresh face” of the Democrat Party all the attention she seems to crave.

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