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Rush Limbaugh: If The Media Keeps This Up Somebody Is Going To Get Killed

Rush Limbaugh (Dittocam)

The Doctor of Democracy and professor of advanced anti-Leftist studies, Rush Limbaugh, issued a dire prediction on his popular daytime radio program,

“If the media keeps this up — if they keep up generating this hysteria — somebody’s gonna get killed.”

The conservative icon was making reference to the way in which the Drive By Media has been ginning up hysteria against the Trump administration in a seeming attempt to damage the administration’s reputation.

Indeed, if you were to consume a steady diet of nothing but Left-leaning news sources such as CNN, MSNBC, or the Washington Post, you would assume that Donald Trump and his administration officials have defining characteristics:

  1. Each member of the Trump administration hates families by enforcing laws that separate children from illegal alien parents who are undergoing processing for asylum. Never mind the fact that the separation is a result of previous administration laws that say that a child may not be detained (with their parent) for more than 20 days.
  2. Each member of the Trump administration hates children and wants school shootings to occur based on their refusal to enact “common sense” gun control legislation. Never mind the fact that there is not a single piece of proposed gun control legislation that would have stopped any of the recent mass shootings at schools.
  3. Each member of the Trump administration hates Muslims, based on the temporary travel ban against several Muslim-majority countries that was proposed early on in the 45th president’s term. Never mind the fact that these seven countries were identified, by the Obama administration, as problem countries that were terrorist hotbeds. Also, never mind the fact that other Muslim-majority countries, outside of these seven, were not affected.
  4. Each member of the Trump administration hates minorities, based on… there has not been much evidence provided on this one, the Media simply reports on their stories as if it were a given that all Republicans are racists. Never mind the fact that it is the Democrat Party that has played a major role in racism in the United States. This includes the Trail of Tears, slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and even, recently, Joe Biden proclaiming that a clean, articulate, well-spoken black man is a work of fiction.
  5. Each member of the Trump administration is okay with sexual assault against women. This, based off of a more than decade-old Access Hollywood video in which Donald Trump brags about entertainment industry women being okay with being grabbed by their genitals. Never mind the fact that President Bill Clinton actually settled a case, for $800,000 for doing more than what Donald Trump said and being plagued by multiple accusations of sexual assault and flat-out rape.
  6. The Media used to tell us that Donald Trump’s initial dealing with North Korea, of not backing down and threatening retaliation against “rocket man,” was barbaric and the wrong way to handle the Communist nation. Yet, when Donald Trump sits down and uses diplomacy with the North Korean leader, Trump is wrong again.

No matter what Trump does, and no matter what position he takes, the Drive By Media is reporting him to be wrong.

The Main Stream Media has been painting Donald Trump and his administration as, at best, a group of heartless, soulless, racist, old, white guys who want nothing more than to “keep America white.” At worst, the Media is portraying Donald Trump as either mentally unfit for office or pushing to establish the Fourth Reich.

Keeping all of this in mind, Rush Limbaugh is absolutely correct when he asserts that the Drive By Media is going to get somebody killed. By ginning up this type of hysteria and painting the Trump administration as the personification of evil, it is only going to take one deranged Leftists, who only watches CNN or MSNBC as their source of information, to take action and seriously hurt someone.

Such a reaction may have already happened, though the FBI could not exactly determine a motive, when James Thomas Hodgkinson, a Leftist whose social media activity indicated a steady stream of Left-wing news, targeted and tried assassinated Republican congressmen during practice for a charity baseball game.

We can only hope that Hodgkinson is the last Leftist to try something like this, but with the hatred, fear, and anger that the Mainstream Media is trying to escalate against the Trump administration, the concern is that Hodgkinson was just the tip of the iceberg.


Source: Rush Limbaugh

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