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Short Parody Video : Law & Order: Microaggression Victims Unit

If you’re a fan of Law & Order, then you know that there are many different versions of the show. You’ve likely seen Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) or even Criminal Intent.

But what about a version that focuses on microaggression crimes? Well, now thanks to the parody site Babylon Bee there is such a thing—and it’s called Law & Order: Microaggression Victims Unit.

The Microaggression Victims Unit follows the story of detectives from New York City’s Special Victim’s Bureau. These detectives deal with all kinds of microaggressions in their day-to-day lives and try to stop them before they escalate into full-blown conflicts between groups who disagree with each other politically, socially or culturally.

In the world of Law & Order, there are five types of crime: murder, rape, robbery, assault and car theft. With the world changing and evolving, it’s time to add a sixth type: microaggression.

A show about a group of people who investigate microaggressions in New York. They investigate “microaggressions,” which are things like using an incorrect term or anything that somehow might be deemed offensive by someone.

The best part is when they say it’s not a criminal justice issue but a social justice issue and therefore you don’t have the typical rights of someone accused of a crime.

While some things can be intentionally hurtful some feel that people monitoring micro-aggressions have become too extreme with classifying innocuous sayings as micro-aggressions limiting public discussion.

Do you think policing against microaggressions has gone too far or not far enough?

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