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Socialism Can Only Work In THIS Situation

In modern America, it seems bizarre that we would actually have to work at persuading Democrats to not dream of fundamentally transforming the nation into a socialist utopia. After all, this is a country whose founding began with a rebellion against a dictatorial government that was levying taxes on its people without those people having a say in how their government was run.

Yet this is the exact position Conservatives find themselves in. Conservatives are actually having to try to convince Democrats and Progressives that socialism is not the way to go.

On the plus side, we are now at that point where we can actually have an intellectually honest discussion about socialism, now that high ranking Democrats have taken off their masks and are admitting that they support socialist policies. To Democrats, socialism is no longer the insult that it was a mere decade ago:

The down side, however, is that these discussions are falling on deaf ears. The average Democratic Party supporter knows two things about the argument regarding socialism:

  1. Other people have more than they do.
  2. Democrat Party politicians have promised to spread the wealth around with free giveaways.

Sometimes the best way to win an argument is to make the case for the other side.

In a perfect socialist society, everyone works according to their ability and the wealth is collected into a centralized location. In the scenario for what the Democrats are arguing for, that centralized location is going to be the federal government.

Now, to be clear, the Democrats don’t want to take ALL of your money. They are only looking at starting with 70% of your money if you happen to work hard and reach the “tippy top” of the income scale and another 65% of all of your wealth when you die.

In a perfect socialist utopia, politicians would then go through all of this collected wealth and distribute it according to the needs of the people.

Everybody is equal, the politicians are the protectors of the nation’s wealth, and the United States becomes a nation with a collective rather than a nation of individuals.

This is the end game. This is the goal. And this is absolutely a fantasy idea that could never work in real life. Socialism doesn’t repeatedly fail because it’s not implemented correctly. Socialism always fails because it ignores basic human nature.

In order for it to work, politicians would have to be altruistic and selfless. They would have to live what they preach. This is the only way to ensure that they are not looting the treasury with their cohorts while they dole out the scraps to the people. When was the last time you used the word “politician” in the same sentence as “honest” or “selfless?”

Consider the fact that the most prominent socialist in the nation, Bernie Sanders, purchased a third vacation home for more than a half million dollars and you will see that there is little chance of them living like this. Much like Al Gore buying beach front property after warning that the ocean levels would be rising and submerging coastal cities, the actions of the socialists in politics demonstrate that socialists have no intention of living by the rules they place on the people.

YOU are expected to give YOUR hard-earned money, but people like Bernie Sanders will not be parting with a dime of their ever-growing wealth.

The socialism movement in America is entirely about shifting the power structure. No longer, if socialists had their way, is the country a nation or people who are protected with uninfringeable individual rights. Instead, the end-game is to create an all-powerful centralized government that, in the words of Barack Obama, ‘must act on your behalf.’ Don’t worry, the government will know what is best for you.


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