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Students Don’t Support Trump’s Supreme Court Pick… But Don’t Know Why

It’s a known fact that America has a problem with indoctrination on many of its college campuses, but what is not known is just how far that indoctrination has gone.

Campus Reform gives us a little bit of insight into this phenomenon as correspondent Addison Smith takes to the sidewalks of Virginia Tech to ask students what they thought about Donald Trump’s pick for the United States Supreme Court.

Those that did not support the pick are crystal clear that they do not support the nomination, but their reasons vary:

She won’t be good because she has divisive views on… everything.

She won’t be good because Ruth Bader Ginsberg paved the way for women in politics and… everything.

Or there is the most articulate of the bunch, and we will provide the direct quote because we don’t want to lose any of the valuable information provided:

“She could… abortion to be in trouble now.”

We’re not certain what these kids are learning in school, but one thing that can be said is that some of them are not learning¬†how to critically think. Or if they are, they are not utilizing that skill outside of class.

Take a look at the video below:

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