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Students Hate Trump’s Quotes… Until Finding Out They’re Actually Obama’s

Campus Reform has released another eye-opening man-on-the-street-type video that delves into the mindset of the average Liberal student.

Since his inauguration, it has often been said that President Donald Trump could do absolutely nothing right in the eyes of and the majority of the Main Stream Media.

Democratic Party leaders, like Maxine Waters, voiced their resistance to the Republican president, and said that they would not even sit down with President Trump to see if they could find common ground.

Networks like CNN ran “bombshell stories” about how many scoops of ice-cream Trump gets, how many Diet Cokes he drinks a day, or even inauguration day stories about how many people would need to be “removed” before the line of succession put power back into the hands of a member of the Obama administration.

It’s clear that there are people and places of power, in the United States, that are so adamant about their antipathy for the 45th president that they were unwilling to even give him a chance, but what about the rank and file Democrats?

Campus Reform is a watch-dog organization that has been a champion for revealing Liberal indoctrination on today’s American college campuses.

“College campuses are no longer bastions of higher learning. Professors indoctrinate students with their agendas. They even silence conservative students with their attempts to suppress free speech.”

In this video, Campus Reform heads to John Jay College in NYC to find out about what students there thought of President Trump’s State of the Union Speech.

Cabot Phillips is the Media Director for Campus Reform, and he recited lines from former President Barack Obama’s previous State of the Union addresses, but attributed them to Donald Trump.

He then asked the students what they thought of “Trump’s” comments.

The reactions were as expected coming from a state where 59.1% of voters threw their support behind Hillary Clinton. The reactions ranged from mocking the size of President Trump’s hands, to calling him a war-monger, to calling him aggressive and immature. One even suggested that ISIS was not real, but just an idea created by the federal government in an effort to take over the world.

There was clearly no open-mindedness for these students, who are America’s future, as they seem to have their Liberal bubble that they live in, and anything outside of it is just noise. As we said in the beginning, there is literally nothing that Donald Trump could do that would win him the support of many of those on the Left.

The point was further hammered home when Campus Reform asked NY City students what they thought of Donald Trump’s State of the Union address… one week before he even made it. You can watch the students’ pre-judgement of the Trump State of the Union below:

Source: Fox NewsCampus Reform

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