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Students Would Like To See Pelosi Replaced… By AOC

Campus Reform takes to the streets, yet again, to ask college students what they think about Nancy Pelosi being replaced as Speaker of the House by someone younger… fresher… and perhaps a little bit more of a democratically elected Socialist.

When questioned about the current state of the Democrat Party, students at American University lamented at the House seats lost during the 2020 election and placed the blame on the party’s leadership.

When asked if Pelosi should step down, they overwhelmingly agreed that she should.

When asked if a Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the former bartender turned congresswoman, would be a good replacement, they were quick to agree that she would be a good choice.

Things just get sadder from there as the students are then asked to explain the qualities that they admire about AOC.

Though this is anecdotal, this mindset among young people to have strong opinions about topics that they don’t seem to know much about as they gurgle buzz words they might have picked up in class and online is not unusual.

Perhaps this is the reason why Democrats are so keen on pushing for the voting age to be lowered to 16. If 18-22 year-olds are this clueless about current events and politics, imagine what the Democrats can do with a voting block of 16-17 year=olds!


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