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Summary Of Impeachment So Far From Mad Liberals

If you’ve been busy living your life, and not watching the sham of an impeachment process, a meme-smith called Mad Liberals has created a video that will absolutely give you every highlight you need to know about what has been happening so far:

It’s important to remember something about this entire process.

During an impeachment, the House of Representatives acts as the prosecutor. It is in the House that witnesses are called, evidence is presented, and facts are laid out. It is in the House that the defending party should be allowed to present their side of the story as well.

If the House finds that there is grounds for an impeachment, the next step is to deliver the articles of impeachment over to the Senate. The Senate acts as the jury.

After the Senate has combed over the evidence, they take a vote and decide whether or not the president shall be impeached.

It’s important to understand this process because the Democrats are currently accusing the Republicans of corrupting the system by not allowing more of their witnesses to speak during the Senate hearings. It’s not the Senate’s job to admit more evidence than was presented in the articles of impeachment. They can if they choose to. They can hold hearings and bring in additional witnesses to clarify aspects of the case, but they are not required to.

In truth, because Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi were so eager to rush through their part in the process and because they held backdoor hearings and because they refused to even allow the name of the whistle-blower to be spoken or for Donald Trump to provide his defense or present his evidence, the Democrats missed their chance to add more facts to the case.

They were too eager to walk down that hallway with their golden pens to consider the fact that their case was a house built on quick sand. Now they are shocked and outraged to see it sinking in the mud.

The next time you hear a Democrat accuse the Republicans of making this a political fiasco, just remember that it was the Democrats who refused to allow an American citizen his day in court as they rushed towards a conviction.

But wait, there’s more!

If you are looking to trigger your Democrat friends, family, and co-workers, you could also send them another of Mad Liberals’ creations:

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