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Term Limits Advocate Shreds Congress

Speaking to a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, Nick Tomboulides, Executive Director for the U.S. Term Limits, made an incredibly compelling case for enacting term limits on the United States Congress.

“This system is broken. Congress has given us 22 trillion dollars in debt. The longest war in American history. A broken healthcare system. A broken immigration system. A tax code written by lobbyists. An explosion of money in politics. Worst of all, too few here have the courage to solve these problems, because the only focus is on getting re-elected.”

It’s hard for a politician to convey the message that they are going to fix a broken system or clean up Washington when they themselves have been a part of that system for sometimes 50 years.

Another problem with the current system is the fact that incumbents have a 90% chance of being re-elected each cycle based on a variety of factors. Tomboulides breaks this alarming statistic down:

“Incumbents get 9 dollars in special interest money for every dollar that goes to a challenger.

And if incumbents are having difficulty raising money? Not to worry. They’re allowed to send campaign-style mailers at taxpayer expense.

That’s to say nothing of all the free media and name recognition politicians naturally get just for being in office. The incumbent advantage creates barriers to entry for everyday Americans without the connections to fund a campaign. It’s the case for term limits.

Elections may in theory be capable of dethroning incumbents, but that isn’t how it works in the real world. Congressional incumbents have a 98 percent re-election rate.

This probably explains why Congress looks more like a country club than a melting pot.”

Through a soft-spoken and articulate opening statement, Tomboulides says what many Americans have been thinking for years:

“The American people have lost confidence in Congress, and for good reason.”

Watch the video below and share this if you think Congress needs term limits!

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