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This Video Sums Up Modern Journalism Perfectly

Have you ever had the feeling that the world is losing its mind and that it is more dangerous now than ever? Do you ever sit around worrying about world-ending meteors, cataclysmic volcanoes beneath Yellowstone Park, cannibal rats, or the re-emergence of the Bubonic Plague?

Ever wonder where these ideas and this sense of dread comes from?

Comedian Ryan Long takes a jab at the current state of journalism by pitting Fox News against CNN in a short skit called Fox & CNN to Normal Humans.

Viewer Discretion: The Video May Contain A Little Bit Of Salty Language. Just a Heads Up

Keep in mind, you could apply this video to most of the sources of news out there. It doesn’t matter if we’re looking at newspapers, television, or even the Internet’s alternate media. Many outlets are aware that an emotional response is more likely to generate more views.

It’s why there are websites out there that are completely dedicated to “police brutality” videos. The attempt by the creators is not to inform the public, but to generate a sense of outrage over their selectively edited videos.

It’s also why certain major news networks will run with wild anti-Trump narratives based on anonymous sources that are eventually debunked. Even if the initial story goes viral, they are aware that the possible retraction that they may or may not publish will get a miniscule amount of attention as the original story.

The end result is that these sources get the views they were seeking, they cover their butts with a retraction that few people see, and they laugh all the way to the bank. Rinse and repeat and you will see the problem with modern journalism.

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