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[VIDEO] Trump Derangement Syndrome On Full Display As Tik Tok “Influencer” Screams And Rants At Her Camera

What do you get when you subject a person to a Mainstream Media that provides 92% negative coverage of the president to the point where “news panels” theorize that he is the next 1930s German despot while at the same time making the case that he is nothing more than a puppet of a foreign government?

What do you get when the “news” refuses to tell its viewers that a Supreme Court repeal of Roe V Wade does not mean that abortions are illegal, but that the subject gets kicked down to the states so that each state can individually decide how they want to handle the issue?

What do you get when social media allows Leftists to block and report any and all differing opinions than their own to the point where they are carried down a rabbit-hole of fringe-conspiracies with no grasp on reality?

Well… you might get something a little bit like this:

Sometimes we ask ourselves how anyone could vote for Joe Biden, a career politician who has used his positions in government to feather his own nest, yet one that even his own supporters cannot name a single accomplishment over the last 47 years.

Even a burger flipper at a fast food chain could say, “I made a bunch of sandwiches and cooked a bunch of fries.” When it comes to Joe Biden, it’s a mystery what he got done as a “public servant.”

What is important to note however, as the above TikTok influencer so calmly and rationally explains, is that Donald Trump and his supporters: “Are the people in history that they Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorned us about!!!!!”

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